Next season. Just Fix things and finish what was started

Really, if they fix anything that’s not working properly, and finish the builds that were started, the season would rock. Just get all the stuff around A tier and we will have bucket loads more content to play with.

All those items that hint at a build, make them a build.

Things that are broken, fix those.

If we got everything up around A tier, we would be over the moon. It would be one of the best seasons of all time. People who love Acid cloud build would get that. We would get a Sacrifice damage build. We would get a Phalanx build. We would get a trap build.

It would be less work than this season but it would be “Doing the job.”

You can’t just half create a build and hand it over to the public and say “Well it’s half made so that’ll do.” Anyone with that attitude would get fired.

And bugs. “Well yeah that part of the game is bugged but it’s okay because no one uses it anyway.” That’s the same deal.

It’s just asking for the job to be done right. It’s not asking for much. Shouldn’t even have to ask for this.

If done, we would end up with about 10 new builds to play and everything being viable. We don’t care if it’s HALF the damage of the meta since it’s only 5 grs. The thing is, looking at the numbers, if you are doing on average 1 trillion damage, and the meta is 10 trillion. Then just aim for like 7 times more damage instead of 10 and you’re fine. Nothing broken. If you miss the mark it might creep into S or just be an A. It’s not like you have to be roughly 95% balanced. Getting within 50% of the target is enough. And if 50% is acceptable, that’s like a barely pass level grade. You can do better than a 50% barely pass in math. If not… ummm…

Okay even if you just do half a job the next season and then finish the job the following season. Man If I was a boss saying this to an employee, I’d feel ashamed.

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I feel you Steve. I really hope the dev’s do too.

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Seasons are way way way way way way way way way way too long. Then rather than just breaking more crap why not just keep what works and fix and buff? Who knows why they do what they do, but yes, you would think after 26 seasons they would have figured out how to fix the game.