Newbie Hardcore question S28

Thought for what’s basically the final season of D3 I might go out with a bang … figuratively speaking hopefully.

I never played Hardcore, but for season 28 I’ve decided to do something I have never done and that’s play a hardcore character.

I have only one noob hardcore question. Can your character die doing an Challenge Rift? Or can I do the Challenge Rift on non-hardcore and the open it with my Harcore character.

Can do challenge rift freely. Just remember to open the challenge gift bag on the Hardcore Character.


Challenge rifts are separate from normal play, so which mode you play in do not affect them.

Main thing is to not do the challenge rift until after the season starts, and as Fhrek said open with your HC character.

Welcome to the dark side


A challenge rift does not use your character. It uses an upload build that the devs decided would be interesting. So, dying in it has no impact on your character or your account except for the shame of having failed.

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Welcome to the dark side OP. HC can be fun, exhilarating, nerve racking, rewarding, disappointing, amusing and at times, down right thrilling.

Nothing like knowing when you die you lose your character and all their gear. Imagine fighting the GR boss with his life bar 3/4 of the way depleted and you proc your last cheat death, but you keep fighting him, while the timer is counting down to 59, 58, 57… and if you kill him in time you will have cleared your highest GR. Your heart is beating faster, louder. Your fingers get clammy. Your stomach is in a knot. You wonder whether to run to the nearest exit and save your character. But you decide to stay and fight…

Yeah, i’s the most thrilling experience when you drop him before the timer expires. And the most disheartening thing you will experience when he drops you! I’ve been on both sides and it makes it that much more rewarding knowing there are consequences when you die. Good luck OP

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Why do people keep saying that? Maybe it is YOUR final season, but it is not THE final season.


Sardaukar is pretty much correct Jammur.

D4 releases before end of this season and there will be a very small D3 base of players.

So this is the reason why.

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Sorry, but Jammur is correct. D4 has launched and D3 is still alive and well…in fact many are coming back to D3 from D4

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D3 is a ghost town… you’ll see even with new season coming in a few months.

That will be the true test, right? If the leaderboard doesn’t even have 1000 people on it for every build, then we will know.

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Talking about since D4 was released and a little before… D3 became a ghost town.

Next season may last for a couple weeks and then the vast majority will stop playing.

This is just little ol’ me’s feeling on this matter.

But that’s how it has been for every season for the last couple of years. Do people even START the season is the real question.

Me and my clan mates and friends always play D3 from start to a couple of months.
This season was no difference.
I"m tired of D3 and D4 and D2R.
and PC Immortal has too many bugs with no way to report them on Blizzard Forums.

Most of all this D3 forum is almost dead.
Dead like never seen before.

The original D3 forum had a large number of people with 10K posts and many on forum chatting about every sort of thing.

Good bye D3 and Blizzard Gaming.
I really hope Bobby K. gets so sick of life from all the millions he as squeezed out of Blizzard and Activision games.

I hope all the women abused and ruined to life because of him find some sort of peace and ability to move on with their collective lives.