New to PTR-How do I start?

Hi, I have played D3: Reaper of Souls never got Rise of the Necromancer, do I need to get it to do Diablo IV PTR?

D4? hmmm… you may need to wait for some years.

You do not need the Necromancer Pack to participate in the Diablo III PTR. However, you will not be able to test anything Necromancer related.

To start simply change your region in the Bnet launcher. Click the gear icon - there will be options to play America/Europe/ Asia and also PTR: Public Test Realm. Choose PTR and click play. Simple as that.

Thank you all for your help.

The Battlenet launcher now has two drop downs…

Diablo III
Public Test Server

Region (the little blue world icon, not a gear)

If you select the Public Test Server option in the version drop-down the world icon (to choose region) is removed, as there’s only one PTR server, based in the US.

Whatever. He’ll find it .

Also note, if you’ve never played the PTR, you may have to Install it before you can Play it.