New to Diablo 3 as of season 20

Couple things:

First, I need some forum help.

Why can’t I create a new topic in the Wizard category? I am on GR98 and want to see if any other wiz players can help me solve some problems I’m having with passing this level.

Second, is there a better way to farm Primal ancients? Feel like it’d be really reasonable to allow a re-roll and maintain as a primal ancient piece. They’re already so rare. Through multiple ways (GR farming, upgrading rares, and reforging legendaries), I have received 7 primal pieces, and not one of them is useful to my archon spec/build.

Are you console player? Only PC D3 owner can post on some forums.
Console players are restricted to two console forums, support forums and this forum.
It is because the license information of console version is stored in the database of console manufacturer which blizzard can’t access.

I’m not a Wizard and cannot help you. Perhaps, try asking on Console Discussion forum.

For primal question, I don’t recommend to farm primal because it is more easy to get a near-perfect ancient than a primal.

A more reliable way is by reforge. But prepare to waste lots of materials and the primal may disappoint you.

For craftable items, the only way to get a primal is by crafting a new one.

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Thanks you very much