New Season Idea: Restricted Rift

Just to throw around a random idea that I had thought up:

In a new season, we can have a rift/GR that forces the following restrictions upon entering:

  • Disable any legendary/set items that normally require Level 61 or above to drop/equip.

    • You can still equip L70 versions of items that can drop at L60 or below. For example, you can equip L70 versions of the Blackthorne set items and the Convention of Elements ring, since they can start dropping at Level 60 and 59 respectively.

    • Note: Tweened items (items whose level requirements are removed using the Kanai Cube recipe ‘Work of Cathan’) will still be disabled if they normally require Level 61 or above to drop/equip.

    • Special Case: Hellfire Amulet and Hellfire Ring are allowed, since they have no level requirements to equip.

  • Disable all equipped Kanai Cube legendary powers.

    • I’m still not sure about this one. The alternative is to make it available only for legendary powers from items that require Level 60 or below to drop/equip.
  • Disable all Paragon stats.

  • Disable all skills and skill runes that require Level 61 or above to use.

  • Disable the fourth passive skill slot.

  • Disable all added stats from Caldesann’s Despair.

  • Special Note: Necromancer and Crusader classes are allowed.

So why these restrictions? The idea is to give us some appreciation of all the improvement made since Vanilla D3. These restrictions will give players a chance to compete using gears and skills that are only available at L60 or below, just like in Vanilla D3. And it’s just right for a single season. Any longer than that will start to get boring.

What do you guys think?

Everything you just suggested could be accomplished by someone crafting level 60 rares at the blacksmith and then running a Nephalem Rift whilst wearing them. It would be entirely as tedious as it sounds.

Why do people want to go back to vanilla D3? I was there. I played it. It’s better now.

And if a group of players wanted to compete, they can run a set of Ubers.