New Season Idea / DL Content

Tyrael has an audio file that says they have not heard from the Horadrim they sent to Skovos Isles, what if he did and they came back?

This is an idea to have a bunch of content added to the game that should be easy to add and would keep us active until Diablo 4. It will also give us a potential lore bridge between Diablo 3 and 4. The main “lore” here is that the Horadrim came back and brought with them a ton of knowledge and items.

Main Changes:

Kanais Cube Changes:

  1. Rune Words - Playing on the Diablo 2 classic using a specific combination of runes in the cube plus an item appropriate for that word items can be enchanted. This will work on top of all other properties and gems for that item non transferable. (Runes would drop from 100+ grifts with an increasing % every 5 lvls. So for example 100 would be 5%, 105 would be 10% etc, etc, etc. Also there would be a very low chance to drop from t16 rift guardians and very low chance from t16 bounties)

  2. Item upgrading - Farming for an ancient or primal is tiresome in a season and some people never find what they are looking for. This will allow players to take their item, xxxx number of each material and craft an ancient item. Once an item is ancient and has been given a legendary gem buff it can then be upgraded the same way to primal ancient.

  3. Rune crafting - Combine xxxx number of rune fragments into a random rune of old.

New Items

1 New Class Specific Set for each Class (I have ideas, tldr)

Unlimited Realms

150 (+) - Grifts will no longer be capped at 150. There will be a static % health and damage for all enemies past greater rift 150 going unlimited. Lets see how far into hell the Nephlim want to venture.

Kadala Changes

  1. Crafting Materials - Kadala has bartered with nephalim for many things over the years and now has a surplus of crafting materials to trade for the bloodshards you acquire. You will now be able to purchase all crafting materials for bloodshards from Kadala.

  2. Greater Rift Stones - Champions who have chosen others paths have left their stones with Kadala. These items are worthless to her but she will be happy to part ways with them for a price. You will now be able to purchase greater rift stones from Kadala.

  3. Rune fragment - Seemingly worthless Kadala has collected shards of stone with engraving on them. With so many Nephlim asking about runes she asking alot for these funny rocks. You can purchase Rune fragments from Kadala.

Continued Servitude

Mastery - Equipping a follower with an item that benefits their appropriate stat in every slot will give them mastery. Giving them a buff that they will share with you and all followers allowing them to assist you during group play. All bonds formed between the Nephilim and the follower will remain intact. Allows followers to remain active during group play but at a 75% reduction. MEANING WE DONT DIE WHEN THEY LEAVE AND WE LOSE UNITY

Quality of life changes

  1. Auto loot option with quality of item selector, ie. blue, yellow, legendary, rune etc. etc. , based on gold pick-up range. (Game will only attempt to do one auto loot if not enough room attempt will fail and not repeat)


Season of Chaos - Every two weeks rotate past season theme

Season of Plenty - Increase magic find by 1000%

Season of the Berserker - Increases Critical Strike Chance by 20% & Critical Strike Damage by 250%

Season of Worship - After Killing an Elite Pack a random Pillar (not shrine) will be placed on the Nephlim for 10 seconds

Season of Blood - After Killing an Elite Pack the Nephlim bathes in the Blood of the Fallen increasing all damage by 10% for 60 seconds stacking indefinitely