New Season Alter XP Pool bonus

Am i correct in assuming that this bonus will be completely useless for us? since if we die we lose a bit more? like a character? one less thing for us to collect this next season?

Actually the point of HC is not to die. But I don’t see how that would affect the exp pools. If you die, you create another character and get another pool to reapply the new season exp boost again.

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ok, maybe i am not understanding what this bonus means.

When i pickup a xp bonus pool, it highlights my xp bar yellow, and gives me some bonus xp. normally i blast through that bonus xp in 1/10th of a grift cause i dont have 3000 paragons. so i never worry about losing the bonus xp to death, because it gets used up.

is it just cause i never made it far enough into the paragons to utilize the xp pools in a useful way? is that why this doesn’t make sense to me?

I apreciate the reply argos, but it seems like that bonus xp is going to get used up really really quick with a new character, why would i worry about dying when the bonus xp is going to last 1 minute of killing mobs.

The altar unlock makes that xp bonus permanent, it will never get used up for the life of the character.


Before this season, pools were more useful relative to how high your paragon level was. At low paragon, it got used up so fast that it was a waste of time to hunt for them.

At high paragon, it was worth it because it will last longer.