New Sader set changes at Blizzcon PTR

gaaaaaaaaawd sooooo bad.

first off, you’re not gearing for a blocking setup because you cant afford to, it’s either full damage or garbage. Second, Ivory tower procs dont carry over even half of the damage multipliers you should be aiming for in a HF build. Third, you’re literally trying to implement ivory tower into your build which means you give up Eberli Charo, my gawd so bad how are you even letting HF drop, it’s such a dps loss to have it on cooldown. No wonder you think blessed ground is better than Ascendancy lol. You’re trying to fill in dead HF cooldown time with holy shotgun procs. You’re main damage source is on cooldown and you make a build to go get punched in the face for a half damaging HF proc to fill in the cooldown gaps, instead of just lowering the cooldown to zero. Fifth, you waste so much potential on 2 builds in 1, instead of just focusing on making HF a powerhouse. Holy shotgun is terrible. You have to get melee’d for it to work. You literally have to get melee’d by immobilized mobs for it to even work. Ayyyyy carumba.

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Could this set do pure/lazy FotH for speed t16’s as it stands? (HF optional?)

yes easily. easily 20char

They already did full FoTH t17/gr75 in 2.5 minutes with ~800 para on the PTR without the mentioned incoming buffs:

Do you think the values on the blizzcon set are final?
If not, what final values would you expect to see in the final patchnotes?

Considering what Nevalistis said here I expect the values from blizzcon to be final. Here’s hoping !


This should be full formula for Impale DH RGK in 4 mans:

(WeaponDamage + AvrDamgeFromItems) x
(1 + KarleisPoint(3.75)) x
HolyPointShot(3) x
(7.5(Imaple) + Shadow6(750)) x
(1 + Shadow2(60)) x
(1 + EndlessWallk(1)) x
(1 + (CritChance(0.58) + SingleOut(0.25) + IceBlink(0.1)) x
CritDamage(5.3)) x
(1 + CullTheWeak(0.2)) x
(1 + SteadyAim(0.2)) x
(1 + BaneOfTrapped(0.6)) x
(1 + BaneOfStricken1sttick(0.023)) x
(1 + BaneOfStrcikenElite(0.25)) x
(1+ Aughilds3(0.3)) x
(1 + Dex(400)) x
(1 + Vengeance(0.4)) x
(1 + Ambush(0.4)) x
(1 + ElementalDamage(0.6)) x
(1 + Aguhilds2(0.15) + Falter(0.25) + Unity(0.05) + MarkedForDeath(0.15) + Toxin(0.1) + Strongarm(0.3) + ImpaleSkill(0.45))

And then you take into account Attack speed to know how offten this is happening. And also Stricken stacking speed.

Maybe I am missing some party buffs? A lot of things there.

I would do it for Crusader also but I don’t play it. Hope this helps comparing 2 RKG builds.

You can always try to do the same for HF, and i’m sure someone here will assist you with corrections if they spot something wrong. I regularly make mistakes and people are helpful enough to bring them to my attention. (you can probably spot 3+ screw ups in this thread alone)

Btw was there an issue with D3Planner’s simulations?

I’ve used it for RGK simulations, where i pre-load the HP of a GR150 boss, setup the skill priorities and logic (ie. cast Shield Glare only on Holy and Physical CoE, cast Provoke when Wrath is below x, etc.) it seems to give a pretty realistic ballpark figure for kill time.

The most important data however is real combat numbers, your own experience is a great data point.

Right now, LoD/LoN HF RGK is a rare build to find in the wild, next patch will motivate people to pick it up with the AoV set – so you’ll be able to collect those new data points and draw conclusions pretty quickly.

DH do not play Steady aim, afaik. Well, either they use steady aim or ambush, but not both.
Ambush is also not really that strong because it’s only active when you have the least amount of stricken stacks, so it loses a lot of value

For crusader:
(wpn dmg + average dmg) ×
(1 + fotf(5)) ×
fotf(3) ×
(HF(9.6)) ×
(1 + AoV(3)) ×
(1 + squirts(1)) ×
(1 + (critChance(0.64) + IceBlink(0.1)) ×
CritDmg(4.8)) ×
(1 + finery(0.15)) × // I count it as a separate multiplier, it’s kinda already counted in strength, but assuming similar main stat values
(1 + trapped(0.6)) ×
(1 + stricken(0.25)) ×
(1 + crimson(0.55)) ×
(1 + bracersOfFury(3)) × // it’s really a ×4 multi, but not 100% uptime, but since you should have it during CoE, I count it higher and will consider average CoE uptime
(1 + Str(400)) × // same value as DH, but finery will increase it on sheet
(1 + Elem(0.4)) ×
(1 + falter(0.25) + unity(0.05) + toxin(0.2) + strongarm(0.3) + HF(0.45)) ×

(1 + shieldOfFury(0.3×nb_stacks)) ×
(1 + stricken(0.023×nb_stacks))

You didn’t count coe but since it should be counted the same for both crus and DH, it doesn’t matter (since I purposely inflated the bracers value to account for its real uptime on coe).

Add to that, crusader care way less about adds on boss, and because of its bracers mechanics, will use a power pylon way more efficiently.
It’s also resource heavy so a channeling pylon might be able to help it (for sure more than DH at least), and speed will get a double dip increase from stricken + shield stacks.

I do play both Steady Aim and Ambush. You can check my build on EU LBs. Totally forgot about COE.

I am still using dawg6 for this.

Please don’t just say “check on LB”, also say which LB and which what rank. I usually go by what’s done in EU NS, and I don’t see a DH there (4p). I was talking about 4p myself btw. For solo, I don’t know. ^^

I am on EU NS 4 man LBs… Rank 667. Did 150 in 11:15.

More interesting than that are kill times in 150.

ColdSnap with no pylons 2x strongarms on supports was 4:06

Paragon ~5100 and augments 150.

No further changes. Not sure what to think about the 2-set bonus tbh.

My first comments about this AoV.

Damn! this set is SOO strong, as we imagined. I am shredding.

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Gah, stupid work. Are you hitting with FoH? HF? Both? What GR are you running?

Perhaps finally we are allowed to reach 150 too, as well Monks, Wizards, Necros, Barbs and DHs. Let’s hope :blush:

SO MUCH FUN lol. Just using normal six piece set (no ancients) with fate of the fell, eberli charo shield, khassan belt, unity, travelers set (all primals lol) with darklight and aqulia cubed. Then zei, trapped and gogok.

Wish this website had a feature that allowed you to view others profiles and builds… hah

I’m stuck at work, I implore you to let me live through you for the next few hours.

How does the 2pc actually work?

I’m shooting for GR140, pure HF block build. came close a few times. i’ll be getting it soon.