New PTR WD - No Ethereals drop - t11

I have played PTR monk, Barb, and DH, all get ethereal early on, and through the game. The new PTR Witch Doctor - I Get NO ethereal dropping through T11.
trying the mundugo set. It’s finally loaded for bear, and NoN ethereals :frowning:

…Limme guess…You arent playing Seasonal are you?

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It IS a seasonal HC Witch Doctor in the PTR
I am using a Macintosh. But like I said, the other 3 toons I made are also Seasonal, and all get many Ethereal drops

OK, I made another WD in PTR, and got an ethereal at level 65 before hitting level 70. ! puzzling

I got her to level 70. I will transfer all gear from previous WD with no ethereal to this new one who found 2 ethereal before level 70.