New player to seasons

Started up a Witch doctor and I’m at 70, got a few good pieces of gear, but I need to decide which build I want to pursue. Kind of stuck between angry chicken or helltooth build. Looking for opinions what was fun build to run, as I’ve really haven’t been this far. Thanks!

Fetish army of poison-dart spitting little bastarinos.

And zombie bears but you really need very open spaces to use it. Even grass can block the bear which is asinine.

But really depends on you. Whatever you enjoy. I made my own lazy poison cloud WD but it was too squishy without Lakumba’s and then I got bored of WD completely. Used to be among my favorites.

Just a note: the Arachyr set is probably the least popular set for WD. However, the Arachyr set dungeon is the easist of the WD dungeons, IMO.

I use the Arachyr set for the dungeon mastery goal, Jade and Mundu are my faves for Greater Rifts, and I like Helltooth Gargs and Mundu for doing Nephelem (sp?) rifts.