New player looking for an active guild

my clan has been a ghost town since d4 launched. any powerleveling aiding guild would be awesome. thanks

I have join more then 10 to 12 clans. Everyone of them are dead. I have join some of them that have over 100 members. You get on line and about 98% of them are in public games or have it set where you can’t join them.

I just join one on here that says come and join. We want people that play all the time and like helping to level players. WOW I have not seen any body on line so far.

How I feel about a clan now vs years ago. They are there only to get you level up in a new season. Most of the people then play on their own to push to get on the leader board and for paragon.

If you find one that has people are playing with each other. Plus more then 4 or 5 are playing. I might want to join. Other then that I’m not wasting my time. Plus one other thing D4 at this time is killing things too.