New Natalya is bad experience

Undoubtedly, it is the worst set experienced by DH.I believe that all players who have played will think so.
I need PTR Natalya,one set strafe is good,two sets strafe is better :grinning:.
GoD for fast clear because of its remarkable movement speed from 4p bounus,PTR Natalya strafe good for for rank.
Natalya’s Vengeance (2-piece bonus):
Hitting an enemy summons a Spike Trap if it is on your action bar. Each Spike Trap detonation restores 1 Discipline.
Natalya’s Vengeance (4-piece bonus):
Laying a Spike Trap grants 60% damage reduction. The duration of this bonus is always equal to the number of already laid traps in seconds.
Natalya’s Vengeance (6-piece bonus):
Spike Traps deal (10,000%PTR→20000%) increased damage, and each consecutive blast from the detonation chain reaction will deal 10% more damage than the previous blast.


Nope. No build should be powerful in which you control your damage and movement with one button while moving around your mouse. If you want to play a ranged class, then get used to manually aiming and dodging stuff like UE multishot. Alternatively, you can go play the buffed GOD.

D3 pushing builds should never be designed around people who don’t want to press buttons while eating a sandwich or watching netflix.

S27 strafe builds were an anomaly that never should have happened.

The new Natalya rework has several issues, but that requires further modification, not a return to a playstyle where you fall asleep at your keyboard.

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I know that Blizzard cannot make Natalya return to the strafe mechanism of PTR.
Only one change is needed for New Natalya:
6p (10000%→20000%).
Natalya’s damage is lower than I expection.


Just curious, why does the idea of having an easy to play build seem to cause you so much grief? Speaking as someone who has issues with their hands I greatly appreciate the easier to manage builds. Even within the same build there is separation between those who play casually and those who milk it for everything that it’s got. The dev’s could enable both playstyles, manual for pushing and proc on hit for speed/casuals. Somehow I don’t think that would satisfy you. What do you lose if there’s an easier, less capable build available?


You don’t want an easier less capable build. You want an easier S-tier “I want to clear GR150 with one hand because I have a life” build. A Natalya’s build that is autocast and detonation on the same ability (strafe in this case) can never be balanced with a one that separately casts the traps and then triggers them with another ability.

Easy builds are fine. Easy builds that dominate leaderboards and overall influence further game development, while actively reworking or destroying builds that require brain cells, are absolutely not fine.

The community drama is firmly in the latter category. Blizzard already buffed GOD, so this drama has no leg to stand on. Even a 1 button build like Tal Rasha meteor needs to manually move, manually aim, watch shield indicators, watch range for zei’s gem + halo of karini, and other small effects that a braindead build like strafe impale or old strafe Natalya does not.

I already listed in another thread on this forum what modifications are needed for the new Natalya. Don’t think that I praise it as being anything near “good”, but that doesn’t mean I want anything approaching strafe gameplay again. For those who say “lol streamers you can still trigger the traps with strafe”, that build is inferior now. Blizz actively made the lightning rune weaker now on traps, so you have to play the fire or cold runes with a generator, not strafe.

Furthermore, other claims such as “PoJ monk and WW barb are spin to win” are not valid. If you do nothing but hold down tempest rush on POJ monk, or hold down WW On wastes barb, you’ll be lucky to clear anything above GR 100 without absurd levels of paragon. All the POJ monk damage in pushing comes from well timed flurry explosions. All the barb damage comes from stopping whirlwind to MANUALLY cast rends that benefit from AOE damage. The game does not automatically do these things for you.

There really is no “spin to win” outside of the DH class, and powerful “spin to win” on a ranged class is already dangerous territory for making a mockery of other classes in the game.

I saw these same conversations on the WoW raiding and dungeons forum discussion board where the word “casual fun” was tossed around to destroy everything challenging and thoughtful in WoW endgame.


Wow, a mind reader, eh? So you think you can actually tell me what I really mean? I can be rather anti-social, but you take it to new levels. I disagree with both your rigid ideas and your attitude. Speaking from experience, you should really learn to chill out before it negatively affects your health. Or not, as some of us have to learn the hard way in life.

Anyways, peace dude.


On paper, the Nats changes sounded good… but in implementation, something fell short.

I would have preferred a straight 6pc damage buff to the old Nats and kept it the jack of trades/excels at Rapid Fire set and modify that Crashing Rain belt so the old RoV nuke build is decent again.


Maintaining momentum is tedious and woefully crappy ergonomically, like someone else said this game kills my hands like no other and I’ve invested countless hours into multiple games in my life time.

GoD has awful survivability anyway so why have tediously painful mechanics?

Noit’s good it’s good changes and fun. DH players love to complain

UE is DH best set overall for fun and power and toughness play UE

oh, hey. look at that, another dime a dozen spin hater. not gonna bother spending much time on this, i’ll make it fast:

GoD is not optimal for Strafe builds, and neither is Natalya’s. PoJ monk and Wastes barb are also sub optimal. the fact of the matter is you don’t know anything your talking about, DH has always been the weakest spin class and that still hasn’t changed. i play exclusively spin DH/Barb/Monk. i’m not going to tell you what’s optimal, the unfortunate truth is that the only thing less accurate than the statements you have made is any form of belief that talking to you will resort in a positive outcome for either of us.

tell you what, i like a good bit of boar baiting. i’ll drop a single tidbit for you to jump on and attack, because i KNOW you won’t be able to understand why it’s just a fact: the ideal Strafe set is Marauders, the ideal WW set is Earthen Might and the ideal TR set is Monkey Kings Garb. it’s perfectly alright if you don’t understand why that’s a fact, i’m deliberately refusing to elaborate because i KNOW you don’t get it.

Edit: oh, and before someone gets back to me by stating that if there was some kind of spin build with crazy untapped potential it would be seeing use on leaderboards… your wrong. the majority of Diablo 3 players are tragically incompetent both in skill AND in brain cells. if a person has enough of either, they play PoE or any of the other half dozen games that make a better successor to Diablo 2. the only reason i play Diablo 3 is because my family does, and they hassle me to let them power level me to 70 so i can get them 500 levels of paragon and +30 to their max GR in 3 days.