New diablo player in need of friends!

In search of diablo friends who are just starting or are willing to play with a person whos completley new to diablo my blizard gt is Dudeubermonk#1441 add me plz!

Habeuscorpus#1131 is my Blizzard ID. Add me!

Add me Conan#13584 new player just downloaded

Add me on discord Ninjas Dynasty#9956 However we use Guilded. if your interested in that. im looking to grow my team and have awesome friends to play with all the time. All i ask is this.

  1. Have mic.
  2. be age 18+
  3. Join us in Guilded. i do have discord but we dont use it. YOu can add me on discord Ninjas Dynasty#9956 and i will help you get on Guilded.
  4. Be active and have fun.