New crusader Set idea


With it being announced that new sets are coming for every class i was thinking of my crusader and came up with the idea for the crusader focusing around Fist of the heavens or phalanx .

The main idea is to be using Judgement or consecration to debuff the mobs to take more damage from fist of the heavens or phalanx

2 set being reduce the CD on both consecration and judgement and gain ever rune on either spells

4 set is if a mob is debuffed by consecration or judgement gain a x amount of Damage reduction

6 set being mobs debuffed by judgement and consecration take a x amount of damage from Phalanx or Fist of the heavens

Note that this is going off the set taken up the slot of Shield, gloves,chest shoulders, pants, boots and maybe helm. With the items listed you’d be able to use the shield and helm with for the phalanx build or if your using the a Fist of the heavens build you’d be able to use Mage fist or cinder coat with the weapon darklight which will most likely need a buff to help it.
Please note this is all just a idea and of cause would need some fine tuning but hopefully people can take the idea and see where im going with it
Happy slaying

P.S if someone has already written about this idea i dont know but just wanted to share my idea


I always thought it would be in character to have something built around Smite.