New CM, still no response to the latest patch changes

No disagreement there, which is why I said plenty of time throughout the ptr that it would’ve been nice to hear their thoughts and/or reasoning for the changes. However if the blues aren’t able to give us said thoughts or reasoning due to reasons like be disallowed to; then there’s nothing any of us can really do, besides either sucking it up and hope for a better patch later on, blaming the changes on the CMs (the messenger) which would be entirely pointless imo, or just stop playing the game.

Some of the feedback I read points to outright absurdity of the recent patch. Clones causing reflect damage to kill other players is some wacky feature.
It’s up to developers to act upon the feedback or pass this as the “artificial difficulty” or Flavor of the Season, though. CMs have nothing to do with the developers’ decision.

Get used to it…three Community Managers and we in the Console section have had one Blue post in 1 year and that was “we do not favor PC over Console”.

Add in the fact they botched the S22 start on console and we have had zero communication on it.

Seems being a Community Manager doesn’t mean you manage the community via communication.


I mean, I’m not a big twister fan either, but I really didn’t find Tal’s dungeon that bad with twisters. I did it twice, once in SC and once in HC for the conquests. Failed one when I got bitten by a rockworm, so I went 2/3 across both difficulties.

I didn’t find it that bad with Aether Walker + Ranslor’s.

I’ve always preferred meteors over twisters for the channeling Etched Sigil playstyle though. Twisters have never really interested me. So I hear you there. I got twister gear early so I did LoD Twisters for a bit to start the season in SC (I saved the gifts for HC), but I haven’t really touched it again since I finished Vyr’s. I don’t hate it, but it’s just not quite my cup of tea.

Give me a break. It’s not their job to comment on stuff like this.

A) They have nothing to do with it
B) They are limited to what they can comment on
C) You do not speak for everyone


The Console Discussion Blizz Tracker and Console Bug Report Blizz Tracker show that’s just not true. Heck, the most recent blue post in a Console forum was just 22 hours ago…

And the one immediately prior to that was 4 days ago…

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Sometimes I hope that they will at least post something like "Good thread. I am here to tell you I have seen and read your thread. No promise on anything, but I do read your thread. :slight_smile: "

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Posting in a Console Bug Report that a patch is live is not “community interaction” that I’m talking about.

You well know what I mean…where is the post about the borked S22 starting at the wrong time and introducing modded gear into Seasons for the first time?

It’s in the same section as the response to 2/3 Crusader clones disappear by leaping into the heavens and never coming back down, clones killing hardcore heroes, and so on.

Well, one fail was due to strange issue… I cleared the dungeon and at the end there were 4 or 5 mobs left on the counter so I couldn’t get Mastery. I tell you, the dungeon was dead empty but mob counter was not zero. I had enough time to spare so I checked everything, and no… I did not miss hidden rockworms and trust me, I won’t overlook four hidden rockworms :smiley:
The other three fails were all due to bites because the _#!°-&% rockworms wouldn’t come out and Twisters ignored them. It’s a non issue with Channel Meteor Shower, you can just leave and let the Meteors carpet bomb the worm, but as Twisters won’t pull rockworms, you may have to cast manually on top of them, if they miss. Argh, but enough of this, I don’t want to remember and it definitely doesn’t belong here :smiley:

Overall, they have tried to listen. The 3 times I felt they banged the cat were:

-Letting WW/Rend release as on the PTR.
-Adding HFury to Aegis last minute and never fixing it.
-Releasing Etched Sigil in its broken and useless state.

Reflect has been in the game and has worked the same way for years. For example, clan member dropped wave of light bell on act2 key warden, resulting in 2 dead clan members.

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Yes, which means a player chose to make the attack. The player can’t stop the clone attacking and, last season, the lightning breath could actually hit dervishes which were off-screen, i.e. you couldn’t even see them to turn the breath away from them. The first indicator that dervishes were there was when the breath hit them and the hero died.

I’m fine with players causing their own deaths due to making attacks at a reflecting mob. I’m not okay with them dying due to a seasonal theme making it unavoidable.


well, we can express our dissatisfaction with that arrangement and hope whoever is in charge of what they can and can’t share gets the hint to do better. but i agree that blaming the CMs isn’t the way to go there since it’s not up to them what they’re allowed to share. they can, however, tell us that they’re not allowed to share something. like… when someone asks you something and the answer is someone else’s secret, just tell them that. because if you don’t, you’ll piss them off because you’re obviously hiding something or because they’ll feel like you’re lying to them. if you tell them why you can’t answer their question, they understand enough not to be mad at you over it (and then if they still are they’re the a-hole).

Something tells me that you’ll still have plenty of people who’ll be mad at the cms even if they respond with a “I’m not allowed to say”. There’s no winning for them. Again more communication is definitely needed, but it’s needed from Blizzard as a whole, not just their cms.


yeah, but as i said, then they’re the a-hole and not the CMs. if the CMs don’t at least say “i’m not allowed to say” then there’s a legitimate argument that they might be the a-hole in the situation.

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Gotta disagree there, there’s no legitimate reason for folks to be mad at the cms, for a change that the cm had nothing to do with and/or can do nothing about (and said folks are even aware that the cms had nothing to do with it), even if the cm don’t say anything on the matter. If folks want to think that the cms are jerks for not saying that their not allowed to answer, and such use that as a reason to get mad at the cms, then I’d say that those folks are pretty small minded imo. All getting mad at the cms is going to achieve is have them reluctant to inform the community of anything in the future. We’ve already seen that happen before.


and i gotta disagree with you. the CMs are 100% in control of what they tell us (since this is the internet i’ll point out that that’s hyperbole, but they have enough control over what they say) and if they don’t tell us that they aren’t allowed to tell us something, that’s on them. CMs are supposed to communicate with the community. i’m not sure how you manage to think people are jerks for being upset that they don’t do so better. if you get upset that people are mad at you for not doing a better job and you stop doing your job at all, how is that not being small minded? if the CMs do that, i’d say they need to grow up, get thicker skin, and learn to take criticism.

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Truth be told, I don’t consider such people (or anyone on these forums really) to be jerks. I do however consider them short minded, but only if they know that the CM had little to nothing to do with the decisions made by Blizzard and/or their developers, and yet still decide to blame the CM. It’s a tad worse imo, if the blame is solely on the fact that the CM doesn’t outrightly say that they’re not allowed to say…, since I imagine their silence would’ve said the same thing.

I mean just using this patch as an example with the etched sigil change. If in one of the many threads where wizards talked about how bad the etched sigil change was, we had a CM enter the discussion telling everyone that they (the CM) aren’t allow to say why the change was made; then I strongly believe that nothing would’ve changed. Wizards would still (rightfully imo) be upset as the etched sigil change wouldn’t suddenly become good, we’d still be in the dark about why the change took place or even the developer’s intent. The only thing we would’ve learned from that exchange is that the CM isn’t allowed to discuss the change, and such the community shouldn’t blame the CM… even though that should’ve been the case from the start.

Again, the lack of communication from Blizzard lies with Blizzard as a whole not solely their CMs.


but the problem is that that’s not what their silence says. that’s a generous interpretation of their silence, but generally people take silence as being ignored. hence all the bad will that could be avoided by saying “we can’t answer that.”

more accurately, we would learn that we aren’t being ignored which, if we are, would be something to blame the CMs for… so it seems like saying something is better than saying nothing.

so who is to blame for their silence if they could say something but instead say nothing?

yes, of course, but that doesn’t mean you ignore what the CMs can do.

it’s their job not to ignore the community, so if the community feels ignored there’s a problem. maybe that problem is a bunch of people are a-holes. maybe that problem is that the communication we’ve had hasn’t been effective. maybe there hasn’t been enough communication. i’m not claiming to know what exactly the problem is; i’m only claiming that at least two of those things are on the CMs regardless of what they’re allowed to tell us because their job is to manage the community.