New barb, slow to gear, any advice?

currently using my DH to farm bounties and blood shards for the barb to open/spend. but its so rare to get set pieces, let alone the set i’m looking for.

any advice?

Upgrade rare and Kadala are the only real options, if you’ve already opened the Haedrig’s gifts for another character.

I find the initial gear up for barbarian to be painfully slow, too, as I feel (and am not sure) they have more items in the various pools overall so they get more garbage.

so basically doing that, and burning 1k breath, my luck was tragic and got the set i didn’t want, but its enough of a raw dmg boost to still make a poor man ww build lol

Never try to get sets through upgrading. Use blood shards instead. Just get one character to point where they can get blood shards quickly.

Use upgrading for weapons and other legendaris. Also, don’t craft rares but use blood shards instead.