New Barb set theme

This got me thinking what the new set is likely going to be.

Based on how the devs acted, my current bet is “any enemy affected by a shout will take 10,000% more damage from allies, you will do no damage.”

Yes, this is purely my cynicism speaking. I will not try to claim otherwise.

I have troubles believing there will be any other option for them. Pretty much all damage types are covered except the ranged ones. If that is what they base it around, it cannot do much damage since there are only a few items that support them.

Cooldown damage items are in even worse condition.

The only other damage type that has the items for “more knobs” is the primary attack one and that doing anything other than low damage is extremely hard to contemplate since it will be pretty easy to play.

Yeah, my cynicism and dashed hopes are going rampant right now.

Also cheerleader outfit and pom-pom transmogs.

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I am giving the game dirty looks right now.

I try out a thrown weapon build to see if I can do video showing the “next set”, and I finally get a Flavor of Time.