Never Ending Quest

This is getting… how did Donkey put it… re-donk-ulous.

I’ve now cleared the Firebird set dungeon 3 dozen times and Vyr’s 10 times on PTR… that’s more than 250 unique kills each with a chance (ha!) of dropping the Never Ending Question. I’ve gotten one – ONE – Maddening Question in all those tries. This is crazy. Blizzard has to up the drop rate or perhaps even make it a guarantee drop for achieving the Master clear (which I did multiple times, no help there currently). As it stands now this is a time sink with no upper limit and no way to progress past the 18th seal on the Altar.

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Yeah, that is my concern, the drop rate of the rate items needed for the Altar. I have no issue doing a bit of farming for items, every season it usually takes me like 30 act one bounties to get a single RoRG.

But the Never Ending Questions page is even worse than getting a RoRG, and some of the Staff of Herding ingredients are even worse than the page for some. They need to up the drop rate of these materials so people have a chance to actually finish the Altar, as it stands the current drop rate only favor those who can turn the game into a full time job, or have outstanding luck.

The only “good” thing (and I definitely am being very generous with that term) is as it stands you could unlock all three potion and most of the important altar effects before getting stuck on the Never Ending Question. Being the 19th sacrifice out of 26 puts it far enough down the list it shouldn’t be a season ender for most players. And that bloody Gibbering Gemstone for the Staff of Herding is even further down the path being the second to the last sacrifice so only completionists are going to run into that challenge. Still, it would be a bummer to put dozens, if not hundreds, of hours into the season at not be able to complete it because RNG be RNG.

Sadly that is me, I am a completionist to a point, so I will be out there farming to get those material for the Altar. And with my very sad RNG luck I will most likely still not get all the material needed.

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I feel your pain… I regularly go 60+ cube attempts without an ancient legendary and just last week had a similar experience trying to craft an Ancient Hellfire. 12 at a time the first 5 rounds all failed… Finally got one about halfway down in the 6th batch. Ugh. And you and I must have the same version of RNGeesus rolling RoRG’s for us… If I get one in less than 20 bounties I feel lucky… 25, 30, or more every season but once since S19. Yuck.

Maybe if we team up our bad luck can cancel each other out and we can get some average luck lol

LOL…perhaps… though it might multiply into an inky black hole of despair and suck the server into it. I play hard core NA so if you’re on look for me.