Nerf Reply is Live in GD

Hey fellow Barbs.

I’ve posted my reply to the patch here.

Once again, I ask for your support. And once again, I ask that you either ignore the inevitable trolls or counter them with calm reason. Take the higher ground in that thread, even if you want to tear into them.

I want to thank all of you for your incredible support during this whole ugly PTR process. I’m sure I’ll forget one or two names, but I want to especially thank Prokhan, Ulmaguest, Roidraged, Gasnick, Jeb, Hadd, Diehard, Rage, Tuneout, Zymrgeist, Flansy, Meteorblade, Ghostdragon, Phoenix, and everyone else who chimed in, supported the cause, and stuck with us to the end.

If I forgot your name, my apologies. Already a long day for me.

I feel pretty crappy about the Lamentation nerf, and even though the patch is not a total wash, it’s still not as glorious as it could have been.

Anyway, hop over to the new thread and keep it in the public eye for a while.

And thanks for being the best dang forum I’ve ever been part of.


Good work Free, reading Ulma’s posts it seems as if it’s as bad as it was expected to be.

Ironically I notice Microstupid and his band of merry trolls seem very quiet now. Too busy popping corks? Or killing it on their OP wizards perhaps…:man_facepalming:

We can try to put lipstick on this pig, but in the end the Devs gave Barbarians the shaft again.


why r u people still play this game, like seriously the infinite power creep gets in ur head or something. if u want ur epen back just wait 2 years, like mortick’s bracer it will come back. no worry about that.

Real valuable post. Truly making me rethink my choices in life.

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I did the ptr with the 200. I did a greater 100 and it was a really fast run. Now live it got a lot slower. Like doing 70mph to 30mph. Even with a more buffed non season barb, that got better gem and cal chant ranks with more paragon.
I tried full waste set with skull ring and then with crimson without the ring. I think crimson is the way to go.

In the meanwhile, Arch cleared 135 on Cold/Pro-Slam. (I cannot see the in game but he cleared 133 yesderday so I am guessing he is pushing the slam). I think he might hit 138 or so. Probably dmg may get flatten at 138.

Awh you put my name in it… :slight_smile:
I believe I’ve read about a Crusader doing a 145 and pushing for 150 now. Don’t know if it’s true and I’m not looking for getting others nerfed… But this is just repeatedly been done on Barbarians. Morticks Bracer, now this. Nothing else new while other classes have gotten something. I just don’t understand it.
If it’s cause of the zdps role, nerf it. I wouldn’t mind. It’s a hackNslash game afterall… But great work you’ve put into this. While it’s frustrating with the things that has been done, I admire the work you put into it

Well done all!
I must say I am so disappointed in the Lamentation total Nerf, I am at a loss for words that I can safely use without getting banned from these forums.
It looks like to me all the hard work that Free, Rage and all the rest that helped with the proposal and support is not all lost. There is a few Buffs that survived that might help the other Barb builds do a little better now and in the future at least there is something to work on.
But unfortunately not for me. The only Barb build I love and am even halfway good at is WW, the rest of the Barb builds I absolutely suck at, to many keys to press, reflexes to slow and just plain getting too old.
I must admit I did have fun in my first PTR and being part of the huge rally for the Rend Buff but sadly any feed back fell on deaf ears and I don’t think they will get back to Buffing the WW build again anytime soon.
Thanks again and good luck. :peace_symbol:

Hope dies last. If they are capable of aplying post-patch tweeks, then I strongly believe that they should prioritize lamentation buff above all else.

I thank you for your fight.


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I really feel like Rend died for the Season’s sins. Of course a build that’s designed to do a ton of AoE damage is going to seem to overperform in a season where the theme is to get kill streaks that proc even more AoE damage (especially with how overtuned all the kill streak procs were). If these buffs came out last season or under different circumstances, no one would have thought it was broken.

I really wish if they were going to buff Might of the Earth builds it would still involve Avalanche/Earthquake in some meaningful way. Instead, they’ve basically just created a semi-ranged version of HotA.