Neo MURLOCKET - Just for follower?

Running for the Cosmic wings without succes as usual, i droped a new Murlocket and tested it on my followers, but no surprise, pet don’t appear… So, with the 2.7 coming in mind, i tought it would be fun to up that Amulet…

Legendary Amulet, Requires level 64
_Increases Gold and Health Pickup by [4 - 6] Yards.
_Call forth a creature from the depths that can pick up gold.
Reduces Gold from Monsters by [64 - 92]%.
On gold pickup: Release a Nova that deals [184 - 220]% weapon damage + [4 - 6]% of the amount picked up as Physical to enemies within your pickup radius.
_One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
+[626 - 750] Strength
+[626 - 750] Dexterity
+[626 - 750] Intelligence
_+3 Random Magic Properties

LMP, not balanced.