Need VYR advice


Please look at my char PHOEBE
I feel squishy at gr100 and dont have enough dps. I put furnace when push gr.

  1. What do I need to change?
  2. What should I roll on my chantodo force?
  3. Do I need to reach 20 stacks before archon? normally I just hit until archon ready ( so 5-10 stack).


Do you have an Obsidian Ring you can wear?

Your Karini is only 70%. The difference between a 70% Karini and an 80% Karini is 50% toughness, an 80% Karini gives you 1.5x more toughness than a 70% Karini. Run it in the cube for max effect until you have a Karini with a better affix roll. It’s kinda tough to get a good one since the affix has such a large range. Because of the way damage reduction works, those last few % points on the affix make a HUGE difference.

Just leave it for now. It’s fine as-is. You don’t have enough paragon/augments to justify rolling the int off, and by the time you do, you should have a source with a higher base damage range. The base range on that one is kind of low, and that’s not a stat you’re able to reroll unfortunately.

For moving past GR100, yeah. You can get away with fewer stacks in lower to mid GRs and T16, but eventually you start needing the extra stacks for DPS.


ahh so its karini, thx for the answer


Your also wearing squirts… isn’t travelers set the recommended ring/amy pair for higher GR?

Also weapon need attack speed on it not CDR. Chant scales off APS and you are missing the biggest source of attack speed which is weapon