Need tips on the best way to progress

This is about my Demon Hunter only. I’ve reached GR123 and just barely finished it, had 30 seconds left. What do I need to do to my toon to create more damage? This is by far the most I have ever played in a season, first time I have done Augments. I think my previous best was GR93 in a past season. So I’m kind of new, please keep that in mind. In GR123 it is taking forever to kill stuff. Is it a matter of GIT GOOD or what steps do I need to follow up with to make a better more powerful toon? I don’t believe you can see how I have my Paragon points set up. The Core points are distributed as follows DEX 330, VIT 80, MOVE 50, HATE 20. Thanks all.

The answer usually is “it depends”.

There are some good guides on

Looking at your seasonal DH, here’s a few things I noticed:

  • Find an ethereal with the 3.0 shield affix or 65% Vengeance CDR and cube Dawn or Fortress Ballista, respectively.
  • Better F&R rings.
  • Cold%, Crit Chance%, Crit Dam% Squirt’s (though I haven’t found one of those yet)
  • More ancients, more augments. Augments really make a difference.
  • Like me, you’re missing a few area damage rolls (quiver, rings, gloves)
  • You probably don’t have 100% uptime on Vengeance. Missing some cooldown reduction on shoulders/gloves.

Should I be using Kania’s Cube to reroll legendary in order to improve my items or should I just be waiting for them to drop? When it comes to the ethereal, if I find one that does less damage but offers the shield affix do I still make the change. I ask about the ethereal because this is the first one I found and I have probably found 6-8 others of the same weapon but they all do at minimum of 13% less damage.

Thanks for the reply you gave me a lot to look at, I really appreciate it.

TBH, I’m not sure of my answer on the ethereal… took a quick look at the leaderboard and most seem to be using the “Strafe projectiles pierce” affix from Valla’s Bequest.

As for the others, it depends how you want to farm them. Some people like to smash out GRs to farm their gear, others do lots of bounties (DON’T DO THESE SOLO!!), or you can upgrade rares in the cube (need bounty/GR mats to do this). I’ve been doing a mix but haven’t had much luck this season.

When I farm GRs, I tend to try and run GRs as fast as possible - at a minimum of GR90 to maximise the number of legendary drops. I like doing GR91s just coz it’s exactly 400 shards per rift though that’s not an efficient XP/hour gain. Don’t use your pushing build though, refer to maxroll for a speed GR build.

Okay 1 more question for you. Why do you say NOT to run bounties solo?

Because it takes 4 times as long as it needs to. Even public bounties with 3 people who have terrible builds is faster than solo! You need a lot of mats to reforge so taking a long time to get them is suboptimal.

Diablo 3 is all about the speeeeeeed!

Thank you for the responses Zurtle.

your level is quite low. keep running speed 112-115…anything that you can do below 3min per grift. try to do at least 50 a day :slight_smile: not only get you better gear and shards to gamble but you’ll also level your gems to 110+ to breakdown to imbui armor pieces

as for gear. only good item you have is helm, rest can seriously use upgrades. check my character for some details. and my gear not best yet (rings and amulet could def use upgrades), but rest have decent stats.

In fact, running bounties at all are completely unnecessary.

If you’ve completed a 123, my suggestion would be to run 105’s to 110’s in as close to 3 minutes as you can get. Rifts for keys, GR’s is the focus. If you get bored with doing that, then it would be fine to run a game or two of bounties either solo or with a group. Then back to Rifts and Grifts.

Bounties are a trap. You only need to do enough to focus on 1 items, maybe 2, you’re more likely to get the items you need from GRifts than you will in bounties.

And as long as you’re not doing tons and tons of bounties, it is perfectly fine to run them solo if you don’t group up. I mean, like 1 game a day isn’t going to hurt you none if that’s all you intend to run. I’ve done just over 600 bounties or only around 24 full games. It doesn’t take a bunch of bounties to get the items you want.

Your etherial Buriza with Frenzy is bad according to the experts because your attack speed should be between 1,54 and 1,66 (not shure if 1,54 is the exact number). With Frenzy your attack speed will be too high and you lose damage because of breakpoints. Some players even avoid clicking on speed pylons when pushing. If it’s the best weapon you have then you can take off attack speed paragon points to see if you can get to, or a bit below, 1,66.

I agree with Zurtle below. “Bad” doesn’t mean unusable. If you run out of hatred in speed content you just switch to Seethe instead of Dark Heart.

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Don’t salvage it just yet though, the Echoing Fury affix is still useful for farming GR90-100+, T16 key farming/ bounties. (though I’m doing it with a repeating hand crossbow for the 30% post-elite kill speed buff). Plenty of time to farm a new ethereal :wink:

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forget the “13% less damage” you are seeing in the tool tip - while the 4k+ dps on the ethereal is nice, you have a less than ideal leg power (EF frenzy) and pretty much useless passive (ballistics - you aren’t shooting rockets). Ideally you want one of the main passives you would slot (archery/ctw/numbing/ambush/awareness) so it acts like a well rolled Hellfire ammy…

And you likely want either the Fortress leg bonus (mine’s only 2.3 but works fine) or Vengeance (63 or higher IMO depending on your CDR on gear) AND a useful passive if possible.