Need them Primal drop rates increased

Such crap drop rates, please increase them!


Primordial items should remain hard to drop/craft, not raining from the sky.

And often, a good ancient is better than a primo.


Not saying it needs to be dropping like candy, Just needs to be lifted to where its gonna drop every couple rifts or so


You’re a true comedian :+1: :rofl:


Even if the devs increase the drop rate, there would still be complaints.
If they increase the drop rate, there would be other posts asking to increase this one.
And so on.

I’d like to have useful primal this season, but, for the moment, no, I’m just unlucky (I found some, my enchantress got 3 of them :joy: )

This is how the game works. Happiness and frustration :slight_smile:


1 every 40 rifts is okish. But with complete altar we get 1 every 20 grifts, which is pretty good.

I’ve gotten 8 wizard set pieces, and 6 wizard orbs (though only 1 of those non-set orbs has a proper build related to it)

As a casual, I get it from both sides. Primals are supposed to be extremely rare and I’ve always been fine with that, but with this season it’s highly unlikely I will finish the potions.

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I haven’t had a primal or whisper key thing drop in days.

About primal, do you complete a GR70 in solo?

I’d hope so, being number 89 on the barb leaderboard with 4 primals, i’d hope I managed a GR70.

Spamming 3 minute 110s and getting junk.

They are not rare. The problem is you actually need to play the game for more then a few minutes a day to actually see them.

It is actually more frequent then that. You can get up to 12 each run and you need to count drops from kadala. It more like 1 in every 36 runs on average. Then with season 28 its now 1 in every 18 runs.

If you think primals are hard to get load up the barbarian leaderboard & select immortal kings. Check my guy. Look at the gear then glance at my low paragon. Ive neeeeeeever had gear like this beforr.

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Naarh, not really. Did round 75 GR´s on sunday all between 100-115. Zero primals (and zero keys for 5 days). I thought, that I was a “casual” player. Still - I´m on 4 for the whole season and that last one dropped tonight on a T16 rift (Them GR stones need to be found) and I´m close to just say F it and quit the season. Also made me finally decide on whether or not to pre-buy D4. That´s a no. The altar was supposed to show me whether the learned from D3 mistakes or not. Staff of herding and Primals reqiurement for progress showed me they did not.


I have 45 hours on my main. I’m doing Tier 100’s in 2-2.5 minutes, without effort. I still don’t have enough primals to unlock the altar and get the bonus. I still consider myself casual, but it’s been more than minutes a day.


All it takes for one to be happy is having a very useful Primal. I don’t know if increasing the drop rate would solve anything.

So potentially upwards of 60 primals an hour or so, not counting Kadala and the multitude you’re able to craft. Yeah, that seems “like candy” to me.

NO. That would be way OP. At the moment, it’s roughly 1/400, which personaly, is a bit too highly. 1/200 would be better balanceed imho, but it’s kind of moot since I rarely play D3 thsee days.

I have regular Leggos that are better than Ancients and Primals of the same type.

Nothing is guaranteed by tier in this game. And that’s good IMO.

Not buying the “not rare” opinion. I ran +/- 3 min GR 95s for two hours last night and didn’t get a single primal drop.

My DH still uses regular legendary chest piece because all ancients I’ve found or reforged have been bad. I want only one that is worth augmenting.

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