Need some help with my melee weapon selection

I’m trying to assemble a fun build with S3GoD3 Bolas (using LpH via Shadow Power) and i don’t know which weapon type should i use.
I made some theory crafting on D3 planner and i noticed that with swords and daggers i can easily reach 7 frames for strafe with no or little investment on IAS. I think 7 frames are pretty solid for a strong LpH.
With other melee weapon types i can only reach 9 or 8 frames with IAS rolls on gear, but the bolas do more damage than with swords and daggers.
So i don’t really know which weapon type is the most beneficial for this build. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

Sunkeeper is a good choice because of the increased Elite Damage on the weapon 30%, I think.

It’ll be slightly faster than a 2H Crossbow, so you only need on attack speed roll or the Enchantress attack speed skill. Unfortunately, Sunkeeper doesn’t drop for DH, so you’ll have to make a monk and craft maces to get one with Dex roll. If you craft them with a DH they’ll come with Int and Str rolls too, making it harder to get a good one.


The same is true for a Echoing Fury which would be good for speeds in GR 100-110 range.

Edit #2:

Unless you’re trying to compete on the No Set Leaderboard, you’d be better off going full GoD because of the buff it got this season. You can get away with using a melee weapon instead of Dawn this season with the theme and still get full up time on Vengeance. It’s easier to get the 9 frame break point with a mace than it is with a 1H Crossbow which would be the draw, but with the theme and the frenzy shrine effect from your potion that is no problem this season.

Edit #3:

No, I was wrong, full uptime on Vengeance is only achieveable without Dawn with Captain Crimson’s and there’s no room for it in your build.