Need help with Cursed chest 350+ on Switch

Is anyone available to to assist me with this conquest on switch?
FC: SW-3939-9398-8372

Did you get it yet? I tried to help somebody on XBOX using the same build I cleared it solo with and the closest we ever got was 324. He gave up and did the set dungeon conquest.

I also got it on Switch, but I’ve already cleared out my stash to make it easier when the season ends. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have a build on any profile that could help out. On Switch, I did it by leveling up another profile and creating a UE Multishot build and using rubber bands to hold the the buttons for Vengeance, Multishot, Preparation, and Companion Down. With two UE Multishot Demon Hunters (couch coop), I was able to get 364 kills and get the conquest.

This is one of the most difficult conquests on console. It is way easier on PC.

They really should just reduce that conquest to 300 so that Console has a hope of getting it and on PC more builds would be feasible for doing it.

So I was able to do it solo after several attempts. I used a multi-shot DH build and focused heavily on Hatred cost reduction/generation and damage. The event was Cursed Peat in Act V and as soon as I triggered the chest I vaulted away to a spot just above the stairs, used vengeance, and then held down the button for Multi-shot (with rockets) and didn’t have to cast any hatred generator at all for the full duration of the event.

My first attempt I got 346 so I knew it was possible just had to get lucky but just in case I ran a few GR’s and leveled up my Zei gem to like 14 or something just to make sure everything died in one shot. My second attempt I got 352 so just barely made it.

If I hadn’t started this season like 4 days ago I probably would have gone the set dungeon route and just leveled up a WD, Barb, and something else and just go for their easiest set dungeons but I didn’t have enough time for that so this was my only option lol.