Need help or inspiration

Hello im still quite new to this game and just wanted some advices for my demon hunter? Thanks in advance.

My character:

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The multishot build is now better with two pieces of Crimson set (with royal grandeur in the cube of course). Also you need Visage of Gunes in the cube instead of Aquila. And you need a Squirt amulet. See for example the build on the icy-veins website.

Love this site, too, for builds that work well in most situations. For someone new to the game, this is a great place to get ideas and to learn what pieces synergize with the build you are striving for.

I jumped in a bit late to see what you have.

Hopefully they’ll get this back up soon.

Seriously? Again? why blizz why?

Hey Boojen, I was finally able to pull your gear up on D3Planner.

Since you are running a traditional UE, there are some things you can change easily that will really help.

The main things:

A diamond is a better choice for your helm. A diamond in your helm will increase the uptime of Vengeance.

You will want to either craft a Hellfire Amulet, or find a nice Squirts. A Hellfire will give you the 5th passive and Squirts can increase your damage output. Here is a thread on using Squirts:

Your #1 priority gear wise will be to upgrade your Yangs to Ancient. The increased damage is a biggie.

#2 is to find a Wraps of Clarity with Fire Damage. The physical damage on your current bracer is not doing anything for you.

On your shoulders roll Armor to CDR.

Chest roll Armor to Vit

Legs roll Entangling Shot to Armor.

A helm with CHC and MS% would help.

Hunters Wrath is a great belt to use with UE, it adds a lot of toughness. When you get to the point where you are not having problems with toughness, you might try Witching Hour for the increased damage.

You are a bit low on paragon to be running Bane of the Stricken, Bane of the Powerful might be a better choice at the moment.

And… You have Yangs in the cube? Dawn is a much better option. Equiping the same item you have in the cube does nothing for you.

You should be looking for the Convention of Elements ring and Visage of Gunes for your other cube slots.

Once you get comfortable running UE, you might want to look into trying UE6/CC3. Adding the Capt Crimson’s to UE makes resource management much easier, and increased toughness/damage.

Hope this helps.

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