Need help or gear

Being honest I played for years on Xbox and switched to PC, i don’t want to grind through everything all over again if someone could drop me some modded demon hunter items so i can speed up to somewhere more comfortable that would be amazing. Not looking for judgement just being honest, thanks.

Unlike consoles, where all your hero data is stored locally and able to be fiddled with to give items with silly amounts of power, on the PC version of the game your hero data is held on Blizzard’s servers which means you can’t edit it. Also, on PC gear can only be traded between players that were in the same party at the time it dropped, for up to two hours after it dropped. After that time, and for all other methods of acquiring gear (e.g. crafting, kadala, bounty caches) gear is account bound and cannot be traded to other players.

Honestly, asking for modded gear on PC shows that you were cheating on console.

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if u need boost to tormnet 10-13ish charion s the name…