Need buff for Immortal King's Call (barbarian set)

Sorry for poor English cause I’m Korean.

I saw PTR balance patch and I don’t understand why there is no Immortal King’s Call buff

Most IMC users use Hammer of the Ancients because every other secondary skill has more powerful set item

judging by Remorseless item, It seems like blizzard also recommends using Hammer of the Ancients with IMC set

Except IMC set, Hammer of the Ancients only has 3 buff item just like most of secondary skill. so set effect is really important

However, IMC’s 4000% dmg buff is not good enough to beat high GR

other set has more powerful dmg buff
we may have 32000% dmg buff for Might of the Earth

you can gain more Hammer of the Ancients dmg buff
by using LEGACY OF DREAMS which gives you 750% per ancient legendary
we can easily exceed 4000% IMC buff

and as we know, LEGACY OF DREAMS can’t use with set item

last buff of IMC and MOTE was 2.6.4 2019 y, I think IMC also deserves gain another buff just like MOTE

Thanks for reading this despite of awful English

and I hope developers read this and consider this

ps. Bul-Kathos’s Oath also need buff
most Wrath of the Wastes high rank use Istvan set as main weapon cause It gives you 30% dmg buff and there is no good weapon to use with WOTW set
I know Bul-Kathos’s Oath set is good for low GR or speed run but WOTW set users need other good main weapon like every other set and It seems like slight dmg buff of BKOath set is good enough
not attack speed buff because current WOTW set main damage is Rend which is no need for attack speed at all


they should have buffed it along with the raekor 4 piece for vile charge (Ik6R4), which hasn’t been touched the last 15 seasons…

I sincerely think that they should increase the 6-piece bonus to 6000% and, as they did with the Aegis of Valor crusader, add either to the set or to some armor element the Sanctified Power from season 27 (Hammer of the Ancients hits in all directions around the Barbarian. Every tenth cast of Hammer of the Ancients unleashes a powerful shockwave. The shockwave now deals 10x damage) , I almost never play this class, but in S27 I had a great time with IMC with HotA and that Sanctified Power

Immortal King’s Call and Bul-Kathos’s Oath need a totally rework, not just a buff.

Ik need only buff dmg and change 2 pice set bonus, nn perm anients if 4 pice give cdr for berk and ancients.

2 set bonus change for Def 50% if we have ancients and berk,
6 set bonus dmg 6000%

Would love an alternative to HOTA with IK