Necromancer Pestilence Update

An idea to make pestilence a poison, corpse, and bone build.

Pestilence Master’s Shroud
(2) Set:

  • Each corpse you consume fires a Corpse Lance at a nearby enemy and Corpse Lance gains the effect of the Shredding Splinters and Ricochet runes.

(4) Set:

  • Each corpse you consume reduces your damage taken by 2%, up to a maximum of 50%. Lasts 15 seconds. In addition each enemy hit with Bone Armor, Bone Spikes, Bone Spear, Death Nova - Bone Nova, or Corpse Lance - Blood Lance has a 10% chance to cast Bone Armor - Dislocation.

(6) Set:

  • Each corpse you consume grants you a Splintered Bone charge that increases the damage of Bone Spear, Bone Spikes, Death Nova - Blood Nova, Bone Armor, Bone Spirit and Corpse Lance - Blood Lance by 1,000%, up to a maximum of 10,000%. Lasts 15 seconds. In addition, Corpse Lance, Corpse Explosion, Revive Minions, Command Skeletons, and Command Golem damage is increased by 5000%

This change provides twice the damage from Corpse Lance at 2 piece immediately with Ricochet, but also applies a slow to enemies triggering Bane of the Trapped and Krysbin’s. This would also be the first poison ability, but you could override the poison by selecting something else (such as the Blood Lance rune) when you put this on your bars.

It provides the same survivability buff, but will also allow for a 10 stack of Bone Armor to be accrued without the need for Bone Armor to be on your bars, for a further 30% DR (which is much needed).

The free Bone Armor dislocation will also aid in providing Krysbin’s stunned enemy procs, as well as a 2nd type of poison damage (Corpse Lance being the first unless you put a non-poison version of it on your bars).

Then we get the major damage buffs. Rather than a single 3300% Bone Spear (I believe this stacks to 50 for 175,000%) you would get a 10,000% bonus to all casts of all bone abilities, creating much needed flexibility when using this set.

This will be combined with a flat 5000% damage bonus to corpse abilities (counting skeletons and golems as corpses in this case), which would for instance give your corpse lances a 10,000 * 5,000% damage boost (500,000%)

Being that this is essentially about 125% more than a single Empowered Bone Spear, it’s not actually as overpowered as it might seem (and obviously the numbers can be tweaked), but it would apply to everything and with enough corpses (Land of the Dead for instance), this could absolutely wreck.

The best part about these changes is that we can run pet/minion builds, simulacrums, cold, poison, or physical, bone nova and the benefits apply to all of them.

You could even run a primary attack build using Bone Spikes and gain the damage bonus with the free cast Nova’s with that.

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I like the idea of a poison and or bone set (no blood skill related buffs though, there’s trag’oul for that) but I believe pestilence or maybe other set needs to be a corpse related set. Getting DR with corpses consumed is better than when htting them for sure, and also gaining or generating corpses per second or at least some cdr or all runes on LoTD

I have something similar but different as a idea for Peatilence set, btw why would you use bone and corpses for set which sounds like Poison?

2 Piece of set.
Skeleton Mages are now following you around with rune Contamination (can have only 3 skeleton mages and they are pernament) with dmg increased damge by 600%, everytime your Skeleton Mages deal damage to enemies it increase damage of Land of the Deadby 2000%.

4 Pieces of set.
Each enemy affected by Corpse Lance you get 2% damage reduction (max 60%, Corpse Stack and lasts 15 seconds), Corpse Lance gets rune Shredding Splinters. Devour sends Corpse Lance to closes enemy and stuns them for 1 second.

6 Pieces of set.
Increased damage from Land of the Dead by 12 500%, Skeleton Mages can devour corpses and send Corpse Lance which gets damage increased by 6000% for every stack of Corps you got.

Your Golem sheds a corpse every second, every corpse is causing Corpse Explosion which deals increased damage 150%-300%.

Each active Skeleton Mage gives you cooldown reduction ( 5%) as well as increased armor ( 30% for each Skeleton Mage)

Skeleton Mages can use your curses which are on the skill bar, each enemy cursed by your Skeleton Mages gets increased damage from all sources ( 80% per stack) as well as gets Infected stack.

Increased damage done by Land of the Dead by 300%-400%, Land of the Dead can cause to spawn Skeleton Mage or Skeleton warrior to fight on your side for 5 seconds.

Thats how i would gave rework it as well as some items which are never used.


Interesting ideas.

Pestilence set mechanically I think its fine, with high CDR, I loved it when they came out and doing GR 90+ in 2 mins, and the RG dies so fast.

Just a buff from 3000% to 15000% on the set will make it “usable”. Necros did not have good solo Speed GR builds, now Bone Spear is back, I WISH WISH Pestilence just got a new multiplier for start

Sets that are fine like Typhoon, POJ, Frenzy just need big numbers added so they can keep up with the power creep

Im worried that when D4 launces, big “new/reworked sets” are going to rare

I just wanted attention for some of these great sets back in season…14?15? They just need a numbers change to make them usable again


All they really need to do is get rid of the Spear mechanic as we have Masquerade now, up the 4 piece bonus to 3%, and up the 6 piece damage to at least 10k, pushing it into a competitive CE build that offers something LOD doesn’t (Lance mechanics) as well as maintaining the speed variants based around that 2 piece mechanic for T16 and GR exp/gem up.

I do think the idea of adding Ricochet to the 2 piece mechanic is a really great idea; I can’t think of how to word it but it amplifies or emphasizes the idea and feeling of the mechanic without making it OP. I would suggest a rework on Johnstone to provide the cap 200 stacks instead of 50 after each LOTD, so that 2 piece Lance doesn’t ruin its viability with Pesti CE. I’m guessing this wouldn’t be crazy for LOD CE. Then there’s a possibility of the bracers slot, but I’m not sure what to put without pushing it into the only trash/RGK/DPS all in one build for groups.

Also, Rathmas Shield needs to lose the cooldown and offer CC immunity instead and a bubble shield of x amount based on y because that passive is utterly useless IMO

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Current Pestilence build is fragile and dies fast, my maximum reduces cooldown of all skills by 62.5% but not enough actually.