Necro Skeletal Mage Help

Can someone point me to a good SM build for a new player?

I’ve tried (very unsuccessfully) the LoD Singularity build on Icy Veins. After a LOT of farming for the Legendaries (by far the worst experience yet in the game) I still can’t tackle anything above GR50 without getting pasted every 20 seconds. And this is with all the required gems at level 80+ (courtesy of my Monk). Are necro’s truly that fragile?

Have you tried the Rathma’s / Jesseth set? Also I think skeletal mage will be a lot more viable next season with how they are changing the shoulders (Razeth’s Volition). The shoulders will now give your SM Singularity+Gift of Death so you can choose a different third rune. And on top of that it Gives you 35-50% damage reduction when your essence isn’t full. That will help the squishiness a lot.

I mean… While the change to the shoulders may be really nice next season… Currently in S20 because of the seasonal buff SM is stronger than it has ever been and will likely fall off quite a lot next season.

I highly disagree. I think they will be right back to where they were before S20. The cooldown on Reapers won’t kill Singularity Mages or Rats. With Razeth’s getting Gift of Death and Singularity, it allows us to take Blood Mages to make them last longer. We can drop a passive to take Extended Servitude to make them last even longer than that. Also, Devour + Requiem is plenty enough to gain back essence. You won’t be able to cast them as often, but with them lasting 10 seconds longer, it will be a wash, IMO.