Necro set updates

Inarious: the two piece doesn’t do anything. It either needs a boost. Or a rework. Inarious is basically a god in diablo lore. The two piece should be something crazy. How about two piece bonus: double the effect of equipped legendary gems. Four piece seems okay now. Six piece needs to be boosted to 14k. Or a boost that would make it an alternative to LON. It has to make up for the loss of legendaries.

Trag’Oul: this set has a blood theme. This should be a blood nova set. Make iron rose and funerary pick a two piece set. Make the two piece a boost to blood nova. Or something for single target help. Inarious is already a generic boost anything set. This set needs to be specific.

Rathma: the two piece needs reworked. Perhaps two piece: all minions give essence when hitting an enemy. Give the four piece a boost. The six piece is not comparable to LON. It needs to be increased to 14k. Or something to compare with LON.

Pestilence: this needs to be a damage over time set. Basically it should be jade set for the necro. You poison enemies. Then collect something from the poisoned enemies.


Inarius was an archangel, same level with Tyrael and Imperious.

Imperious’ and Tyrael’s sets are doing great, but Inarius’ suck.

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I agree with mich of what you said theme-wise. I only disagree insofar that LoD should be better than sets as an endgame build. In my opinion.

I believe Inarius was a highly ranked angel. He was not an archangel or on the Angriss Counsel. He was the same level as his bride Lilith: 1 level below the top.

Why? If LoD should be better, then what’s the point of having sets?
It’s already more powerful at lower levels, if it’s supposed to be better at higher levels too, then we don’t need sets…

I don’t understand your reasoning here. Sets should be the most powerful setup for your character, LoD should be a way to gather that gear.

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You are quite literally 100% wrong. Sets are NOT meant to be more powerful. You get them at the start of a Season for a reason. LoD is MUCH harder to gear for, requires more choice of items, and has a less prebuilt gameplay style.

Did you ever play D2? Your post is confused at best.

You didn’t answer the question.

The easiest way to gear up in a season is to get the LoD gem early on, put a legendary in every slot and start pushing while farming for gear and your set.

If the top gear is LoD gear as well, even if you can get a full set (not necessarily a good one) early on, why would you equip it when the LoD gem is better?

The game is supposed to be balanced, meaning that some setups are more powerful than others, but no 1 setup is best for all classes. So LoD might be the best set for 2 or 3 classes, but Set bonus’ should be best for others, or a combination of sets etc… Otherwise, the game is boring, because everyone will be using the same setup.

I actually think sets should be a lot more specifi, while LOD should do less damage, but is more general, with the Necro they seem to have made most sets quite general with specific bonuses on the legendaries

Wrong again. A non ancient LoD is weaker than a set. LoD only eclipses sets once you have ANCIENT versions of the right items with the right rolls, jewelry included.

LoD by definition makes it harder to have the same setup. So many legendaries, and unlike most sets, LoD is skill agnostic.

Crusader and WD are totally set-dominated. Is that fun? No, literally the same build en masse.

Does that chance with the LOD builds though? Rats are almost always the same items, same for the current seasons Nova necro so I do not really see that much of a difference with what you are saying, what I mean is that the sets should be more skill focused, but then I mainly like the sets where you get bonus damage for skills x depending on action y.

Players wrote about the necromancer sets problem in this feed like 100 times, there is more the 15 posts that discuss this matter and Still blizzard didn’t say any thing about possible changes to the sets . It weird that DH was changed very fast i might added and with the necromancer nothing happens.

Sets and LoD builds should have comparable strengths.