Necro needs rework

I don’t understand why on hell you decided to make a no brainer pet class a no pet class anymore. I mean you can still go with pets but only trag’oul mages and maybe the revived which sucks because it’s only 1 big guy with no aoe or whatever. The only other set that can benefit pets is the inarius, but so suboptimal and not fun having to trigger the bonus with your small aoe running around and grouping mobs in the hopes the ai of your pets decides to actually attack those monsters or something else far away, so only skeletons are controllable or the crappy aoe mages, golem is too weak to be even considered.

Also, class is way too squeashy. Many sqeashy classes got buffs to their defenses on the sets or new legendaries except necro.
Also too many sets that benefit bone spear builds when you could have more variety. Bone spirit was fun, needed a lot of improvement but was fun.
Army of the Dead is fun, but some other skill or at least pet damage on that set or any other set could enable other builds. Something based around generators or curses could be fun to play.

You can play the LoD mages build. One of the best builds for xp and key/bounty farming.

If you are having survivability issues, try slotting an Esoteric Alteration or Mutilation Guard in a piece of jewelry. Makes a huge difference.

Bone spear was great! Hate they gutted it so thoroughly.