Necro CC breakers

Just got a necro and playing hardcore. Need to have at least one reliable CC breaker on my bar.

What skills / runes can break you out of CC (walls, jailer, frozen, stuns, fear etc)

Tried looking through all skills and runes but it’s not very obvious which ones can. I’m guessing blood rush maybe… anything else? EDIT: blood rush actually doesn’t seem to work - at least not vs frozen…


There are many options for Necromancer.
I found playing it (and dying a few times in the Asia region) that it is a trade-off. You have to decide in HC what is most important - that is survivability so health, health regen and anything that gives you a longer lifespan. I had a Barb in Americas and Monk in Europe so health was slightly less of an issue unlike a Necro - Necro’s are notoriously squishy. If you have good DR then yes, focus on walls and immobility.

Invigorating gem and Khulle’s potion for starters - Certain skills while being beneficial to your request might mean you may need to sacrifice other things which in HC may not work with whatever set build you are trying - only you will know that.
Stone Gauntlets paired with Ice Climbers should also give you less of the issues you are facing. :slight_smile:

I’m asking what skills / runes can break you out of Crowd Control effects. If any. I’m aware that there are items that can do that.

All other classes have at least one, sometimes several skills, that can break effects like stun, frozen , jailed , fear , walls etc.

Thank you.

I hate necro. So much.

Nice to see you’re still around Pzypro.

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Ohey I remember you! I’m surprised that YOU are still around. I’ve been on like a five year break or something lol. Just came back for this season (played a lot of d2r and wanted to give d3 another spin :D)

I’m actually really enjoying my necro! Managed to climb onto the leaderboards 121 at about 800para and no augments. Most similar people have many thousands more main stat than me (how did they get so much so fast!!)

Also, looks like I have the most “original” Rathma setup build compared to nearly everyone else though it isn’t that much different tbh… but it’s mine! And I’m loving it so far lol. As always, I veer on the tankier side cause I’m scaaaared :stuck_out_tongue: