Necro 150 already

Two days in and Necro has already hit 150. :rofl: :rofl: :sob:


How about WD??? :cry: :cry: :sob:.


I got the Barb on solo season to 127, but I don’t forsee 150 this season. The cube is absolutely no help. Nadda. Zero. Zip.

PS there must be no one else playing barb this season because I’m ranked #1 so far. :person_shrugging:


That is by wudijo, a professional influencer on D3 and D4. Its his full time job. He was also the first to solo the world boss back when D4 is released. They play non stop for more than 8 hours a day. Can’t compete with that.

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Bunch of 150 necros on the Asia server. Seems they put 3 weapons in the cube. Still not sure how that helped so much though. Could be a bug?



Three damage multipliers in the cube is a lot. I think by the end of the season there is a possibility that all top 1000 players on the Necro leaderboard will have cleared 150.


I think Barbs will get some of their glory back in the Season of ethereals. I remember them being very good at that season. But I have to agree, during the lifespan of diablo barbs never had a season like Necromancers do with 4th cube or, 3 weapons in cube.

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Damage is totally ok for 150 immediately when getting full Nova LOD gear (or other similar build). Why I didn’t do 150 yet, but stopped at 142: Toughness vs my skillz + fishing requirement for boss fight. Will surely do it later.

coughs Angelic Crucibles coughs.

Whirlwind pulling entire map and HotA on stereoids.

Barbs and DHs will get their glory definitely back in recycled s24 and s27 themes. Both Grandfather / Buriza Etherals and espiecially angelic crucibles (Strafe Impale) will be better than anything Necro can use (espiecially in regards to s27).


Pre season 31, lod nova necro struggle with single target because they lose the 10x multiplier from funerary picks for multiple targets (capped at 10x multiplier). But with season 31 and the extra 2 kanai cube slots, they can include scythe of the cycle (x4) and trag oul corroded fangs (x3) for a 12x multiplier (better than 10x multiplier). So now, nova necro can overcome the main weakness of the build on single target and comfortably solo GR 150.

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Not when one of them is for a skill you are not using.

Which leaves you some choice for that 3rd slot. I’ve been experimenting there

Presumably you mean Trag’oul’s Corroded Fang?

Admittedly you’re not using Grim Scythe in the build but the weapon’s power also provides a 200% damage increase to cursed enemies, and the build does include a curse ability.

  • Masquerade & Rathma use Decrepify

  • Inarius, Trag’Oul & LoD (All in mode Nova" use Frailty

So no problem for the Trag’oul’s Corroded Fang bonus

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but its all balanced? how can this be?

If by “balanced”, yes, they form the S tier this season. Is there a build more effective than the other, not being a necro pro, I couldn’t answer.

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That right there was the part I was missing. Thanks.

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