Nearly Indestructible "grunt" creatures

I am playing at T16 & GR82. I can kill elites/bosses in about 1 second, and Diablo in about 5-10 seconds. But in the last few days, I have been running across low level creatures (skeletons etc) that seem to take almost no damage as I attack them, and they are often in large groups. It can take a few minutes to take out a half dozen or so of them. Each individual creature is harder to kill than Diablo (or other similarly hard bosses).

Could this be a game glitch? I haven’t run into this before a few days ago.

As long as you can kill them there’s no problem. You are being really vague so it can be anything, it can be about your damage output being below average, monsters having special abilities and you may have pushed too high for your own good. Which Greater Rift or Torment level this happened? Mentioning two different difficulties don’t tell much when you also state that this kept repeating for a few days. You’re leaving so many details out with difficulty and the monsters you have encountered, so any of us could give a bad take until you deliver some details.

Most plausible explanation is that you pushed too high without making proper optimization so your damage output might fell flat. You need higher damage output at above T16 equal Greater Rift tiers and perhaps consider the use of your skillrunes to deal higher efficient damage. I see you have Electric Field skillrune on your Tempest Rush; this is usually preferred for farming low content or T16 reliably. Perhaps consider changing that to Northern Breeze or Flurry as your first move.

Reading a guide about Elites or monsters, would help you instead of opening a thread over here. For all I know, you may have come across Shielding Elites which their minions inherit this ability also. They’re invulnerable when they have the Shield buff up so you need to change targets. Since you pushed, the exponential growth of health allow them to survive your attacks and this give them enough time to activate this.

Lastly, your damage output might struggle as you push higher tiers in Greater Rift scale and that’s part of the usual flow of the game. You will need to optimize your damage output and hunt higher quality loot by farming Greater Rifts over and over again. Try to hit up a few (about 4-7 should do) Greater Rift tier lower than your highest push for loot hunt and seek the desired affixes for offense and defense both.
Since you play non-Season, you won’t have access to the exclusive loot, artifacts and features that Seasonal play has. So what you can do for progressing on your character will be only limited to Greater Rift grinding.

I agree with Naksiloth: Enemies gain boosted stats for each tier of Greater Rift, so by 82 you’re fighting enemies much more powerful than you’d find out in the “normal” game world, even at T16.

By the time you hit GR110, you’ll have a party on your hands.

I am currently running GR90. I am not sure how to be more specific. It can be any of the usually “runt” enemies that are normally very easy to kill, even the little spiders. GR90 takes about 5-6 minutes, most enemies behave like they have since I finished my Justice build, they basically get obliterated when hit by Tempest Rush. Same with elites. But some groups of enemies don’t die like that, and instead of taking less than a second to kill, can take a good minute or so. They remind me of the “Immune to physical” enemies from Diablo II, and maybe that is what they are. I only started running across them around GR80-82, they definitely aren’t just progressively harder, they jumped to about 100 times harder.

I will try Northern Breeze or Flurry, see if that helps. The enemies had been getting progressively harder since level 1. This was the 1st time they took such a drastic jump in difficulty.

I think you are talking about Juggernauts but those are distinct enough to tell with a tint of yellow, as they’re rare Elites. Unless your build is too weak at the damage output, they ain’t supposed to pose any problem or an obstacle until you are at GR135 and above.

The Juggernaut type elites are completely immune to crowd control effects, so any crowd control reliant damage buff is ineffective against them but they take 30% more damage from everything else. To bypass this, juke and lure him near other monsters then focus on the monsters nearby him; the occurring Area Damage will melt the Elite.
On a related note; if you are having trouble with them this early, this is a warning sign that your damage output is still low although you don’t admit it. Check and compare the guides with your build.

Juggernauts are yellow champion elites. But what you are describing are ordinary monsters, that are not blue or yellow.
It could be that one of your buffs is falling off, like sweeping wind, thereby reducing your damage. If you use the enchantress or scoundrel follower and they die your damage could also be affected until they resurrect.


It has to be something like that, yeah. For such a drastic difference to occur would likely mean that it’s outside the normal range of monster stats. Something that makes that big a difference sounds like the set bonus being removed temporarily, or at least one key item or buff.

OP, are you following a posted build guide anywhere? Knowing the differences might help track down what’s happening.

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