Near perfect yang vs low ethereal windforce

My Yang in non-season is near perfect - 3416.5 dps, +12 discipline, 48% reduce resource and a perfect 200% multishot damage

I found a low ethereal windforce on season - 3161.4 dps, +10 discipline, 44% reduce resource and a low 164% multishot damage.

Is the 200% to archery skills on the windforce enough to make up for the 200% MS on my yangs and the extra 164% multishot on the windforce is gravy on top?.. If not, is my old yang’s better?

It does not matter.

Non-season does not get Ethereal items.

Therefore, the Ethereal is “default” better in Season; the other better non-season.

I’d like to compare to see which to keep after the stash merges.

Does anyone know if the 200% to archery skills on the windforce alone will match the 200% multishot from the yangs?

The point is you cannot keep the Ethereal once the season ends so it will not be transferring to non-season, at all, ever.

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oh sh!t, so what happens to them? they just don’t transfer over?

If you do not salvage them before the season ends, they vanish, lost to memory.


The only thing you can retain is their appearance (transmog) but only if you Pokémon them (find all 21 individually named Ethereal weapons, 3 for each class.)

oh well.

does anyone know the answer to my other question though? I do have an ancient yang’s on season - 175% MS damage

Does anyone know if the 200% to archery skills on the windforce alone will match the 200% multishot from the yangs?

175% applies to a single skill, from the Yang’s.

200% applies to all Archery skills, of which MS is, but also to all others of that type.

200 > 175.

Cube Yang, wear Windforce. No dawn. Optimal would be Windforce with Yang roll on it.

Yang has also “MS attack 50% faster”.

I’d go this route. Yes, that’ll mean losing 100% uptime on Vengeance but with Captain Crimson equipped and enough CDR on other gear one can reach reasonable amount of uptime.

Yes, but its often not that important as the DH can annihilate the entire screen before they even appear. Just fire.

But, yeah, an Ethereal with Yang would be optimal.

It’ll still slow down your farming efficiency, because you’ll have to spend more time finishing the multishot animation before you can vault again.

UE Multishot without the 50% attack speed from Yang’s power will feel noticeably less fluid.

That’s not to say that it won’t have enough damage for farming runs. It just won’t feel quite the same.