Natalya's was fun for about ten minutes

and then i finished my GoD set so like why you know?

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Could you please try to clarify what you are trying to say, ask or form an opinion upon?

like why you know, Natalya’s was fun for about ten minutes and then i finished my GoD set so.

Thanks, bye, have fun in game and apparently you find this behaviour on the forum entertaining…

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Then I finished my UE set*

I finished my UE set

They’re saying the the Natalya’s Spike Trap Set, isn’t user friend AT ALL, and most DH players don’t know how to proper use this build. I myself did an 8 minute 135, but died like 8 times.

Most of the players that tried this build, when it was released, don’t ACTUALLY Play DH, so they complained about the spin-to-win style. The Main Streamers said some too, then Blizzard Nerfed it. They were on the PTR doing sub 3 minute 150’s, which I agree is extreme, for solo pushing.
I just wished they had of toned it down, keeping the spin version, while creating the new current play style. this would have given DH Players a choice of which they preferred to play.
The spin-to-win style, could have maxed out at 140 -145, while the current style would max out at 150. The DH players would have been happy & satisfied, as this would have given the casual players 140 plus runs.

Bro. This game could easily be made unbelievably fun and engaging.

You must wrap your mind around the fact that it is only this bad because it is being done ON PURPOSE.

It is exactly as terrible as they want it to be. And they give zero f’s what we think/say/want.