Natalya Set Dungeon broken

Rain of Vengeance timer resets every time you cast it, making one objective not achievable.
I was getting resets after 2 or 3 seconds, which should be impossible as RoV lasts longer than that. As it is a Haedrig’s gift, and dungeon mastery is both a seasonal quest and one of this seasons conquests, this should be fixed before live.

You don’t have to do the set dungeon with the Haedrig’s gift set - it can be done with any of the sets. If you are playing a DH, farm up the Marauder’s set - super easy (just watch for the rock worms). Every season I always make a Barb and farm the IK set for it’s set dungeon because it is impossible to fail that one unless you really try.

It has been a requirement of every season, not just this one.

Yeah, I did IK, and often do that one. Just reporting this bug, since lots of peeps will try to master the set dungeon of their Haedrigs, and Natalya is usually just as doable as IK. I always have perma RoV when playing Nats, so was surprised to fail because of not being able to keep it up for 90 secs, according to the timer, even though I was keeping it up the whole time.

Not sure why Natalya’s would suddenly be broken. People have done it in the past and it wasn’t a subject of this latest patch.

It has popped up before, so it can be fixed again.

Can you double check that you’re actually using a Rune which lasts more than 3 seconds?

Keep in mind, you need to be using the Dark Cloud rune for Nat’s dungeon. The other Runes do not last long enough to keep the chain going. Many of the runes last 2-3 seconds only.

I am able to keep the RoV timer rolling without issue on PTR with Dark Cloud, same as I do on Live. The only way I can cause the RoV timer to fail after 3 seconds, is if I use a Rune which only lasts 3 seconds.

This seems like perhaps a simple mistake, rather than a bug. Please confirm your Rune choice, and consider retesting with Dark Cloud.


Will do! That is a possibility. I usually use Dark Cloud, but could have been experimenting with other runes. The timer for RoV bonus damage never ran out, but it could be that the rune effect did.

EDIT After testing, yes in fact, it was other runes that caused this. User error, and misunderstanding. Perhaps it could be made clear that it is the rune effect that needs to be 90 seconds, not the Natalya RoV damage timer that needs to be maintained.


tips for doing any set dungeon
remove all your damage/paragons no legedanry gems that boost ur damage (but u can keep those that increase toughness or give movspeed) keep Criticals low and get cooldown/resource reduction in everything

Funny thing about the Nat’s dungeon in particular, is that even the run speed has to be reduced. If you are moving too fast there, you’ll fail.

why? the objetives are “maintain a constant rain of vengeanc for 90 seconds” and “do no exaust your hatred” , none of there involve moving too fast, If maybe you are referring to that moving fast you are going to exhaust your hatred while strafing, in fact it doesn’t work that way, the movement speed does not make you spend more hatred, but it is the attack speed (APS). you usually want to stack a lot of movement speed to run those big maps faster

Because one of the objectives is to maintain Rain of Vengeance for 90 seconds. If you’re running too fast, you’ll actually clear the entire map of mobs in less than 90 seconds and, hence, fail that objective.

Exactly. With no mobs to reduce the cooldown on RoV anymore, the 90 seconds condition fails.

Had that issue several times, so it’s not a hypothetical situation.

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