Natalya hungering arrow

Does anyone have a guide for this build? Can not find a guide at maxroll so asking here, been trying this build lately and it’s quite fun, not sure if it can go higher than nats rapid fire.
Also what’s the best follower for this build if anyone knows?

Do you mean N6/G4 hybrid? If so, it’s very simple to switch to it:

  1. Equip Natalya’s Slayer and either Dawn or Ninth Cirri Satchel
  2. Cube Dawn or Ninth Cirri Satchel, cube Depth Diggers, cube RoRG
  3. Equip Natalya’s Reflection (No Focus/Restraint possible)
  4. Equip mix of Natalya and GoD pieces to get N6/G4 (GoD shoulders required)
  5. Use Rain of Vengeance skill every 8 seconds

The rest of the build is the same as a typical GoD Hungering Arrow setup.

If you mean plain Natalya’s with Hungering Arrow and no GoD4 bonus, then you need to build it like UE Hungering Arrow but it will be far weaker.

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