Natalya can go to hell!

Tested Natalya on RPT, unlike other people I tested it non-season (so no season bonus, no bug from the shadow set), and it was nice, it wasn’t as powerfull/overpowered as people seemed to say on seasonnal RPT (just a little low on DPS maybe compared others i’d say) but it was flexible for the stuff (could been played with Guardian set, 5Nat/3GoD or others, thanks to Nat ring and weapon), loved it was funny enough.

And then the real update came.
I was disgusted, read the changes and thought “it would be a sh*t” and it really is, a galactic one. Worse than I could imagine.
You haven’t even noticed in change notes the traps stop being activated shortly but activated by a skill, nor the dungeon was modified too, you really don’t care about informing players.
But it don’t even do dammage, even x10 more I wouldn’t play it, it’s the worst useless set you’ve made. “Please monsters, don’t kill me while I place my traps, and the caltrops, and then use a skill to activate all that” seriously why 3 skills just for 1 usable? No one at blizzard even tested it before that update, juste once?

Developer’s Note: After listening to the community’s feedback about the Natalya’s changes, we wanted to move Natalya’s away from Gears of Dreadlands, giving it a unique identity. We hope Natalya’s playstyle gives players more control over the explosions they set off while navigating the battlefield.

Unique identity indeed, but known smell.
Strafe was a good way to still reduce the cooldown (with obsidian ring), it looked close to GoD of it’s use because of it, but it doesn’t seems to be a problem with the monk sunwoko/justice rush on both or for Barb ninety savages / Crusader invoker which both are “goes in the middle of everything and hit”.

My thought : you killed a set that could be played easily, flexible (at least on stuff, because on skills don’t count on it, blizzard says “we want more gameplyay variety” and after that you add the new sets which GoD is the perfect example of the problem, if you don’t use one skill with cold rune, or thunder rune for mass kill, then it don’t do any damage, congrats for gameplay variety).
I won’t tell what I think about Blizzard it’s worse, D4 won’t be something I’d play even if I was payed for it.


Natalya did go to hell. The Nine Hells, to be precise.

If Natalya 4P can absorb mobs like the Vacuum Rune of Condenm, I will play it.