[NA][PC] Casual Seasoning is recruiting for season 27!

Casual Seasoning is a casual fun friendly guild thats been around since the first few seasons of Diablo 3. We took a break for a few seasons and are now back to grow our friendly community. We like to group up and help other members to promote a fun atmosphere to grind levels and gear in. Anyone is welcome. If you are interested hit me up at YiFF#1913 and ill send you an invite.

I play late nights PST… what times are people typically around in this clan? Do you also play throughout the whole season or just at the beginning?

We have people from all time zones, most are east or west coast USA.

Hey! I’m interested in joining your clan! I sent a friend request by accident, I read the post wrong lol.

Sorry I accidently sent a friend request. Are you guys still looking for members?

still recruiting?