[NA/EU] Fate Gaming 3700+ Members

Launch Is Upon Us - Don’t Gamble Your Time On New Clans

Fate Gaming is a trademarked, international 18+ casual crossplay gaming community with 3700+ members.
We were established in 2018 with the goal of creating a community where gamers always had laid back members to game with no matter what time of day.

We take pride in only recruiting mature adults who are looking to game after a long day of work. Our drama-free, professional organization is here to help you find that new online space to call home.
We believe in creating a positive and supportive community where everyone feels welcome, regardless of their background or skill level.


US & EU Servers. Majority will be softcore on launch, but we will have both hardcore and softcore groups.

Clan Details

Casual, friendly 18+ mature gamers with a vast array of experience across MMORPGs and Isometric ARPGs. Majority of our members work, are parents, and have responsibilities during the work week, then all jump on to game at night. All of our members are friendly and simply want to have fun.
Average age of our members is 30, so you wont have to worry about someone else’s child screaming at you, once you’ve put your own to bed.

As a member of Fate Gaming, you’ll have access to our Discord server and game servers, as well as the opportunity to participate in events, tournaments, and giveaways.
Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting out, our community is the perfect place to connect with others who share your passion for gaming.

Community Requirements

  • 18+ Only
  • Competent Human Being

Clan Activities Include

  • Nightmare Dungeons weekly farming
  • Capstone Dungeons weekly farming
  • Helltides events farming
  • Tree of Whispers quests farming
  • PvP groups to farm Fields of Hatred weekly event

What you can expect from Fate Gaming:

  • Well organized environment with weekly schedule and events
  • Knowledgeable clan mates and officers always willing to help you play to the best of your ability
  • Daily-active community always hanging out in voice chat
  • Class-specific guides, tools, resources, and build planners
  • A long-term gaming community to continue to play future games together

How To Join

  • Go To FateGaming,com for the link to the Discord.
  • Type FateGaming in “Add a Server” to join the Discord.