[NA] LF People for Nighttime Play


I’m a casual player looking for people to push GR and farm. I haven’t played D3 in a very long time; I’m coming from Path of Exile, but I’m burnt out with it and D3 is the next best thing available. I have discord but I’m quiet and prefer to just listen.

I’m seasonal hardcore and I’ve died three times - it’d be twice if it wasn’t for the echoing nightmares* about which I’m totally ignorant on how to get out safely. Presently I have a crusader at 70 in Torment 1 with a wizard and DH in waiting. In the future I’d be happy to play almost any class, although monk and witch doctor are my favorites. I’d play monk now but most people are playing either monk or DH this season ( at least that’s what I’ve been told).

I’ll be available most of the time from 6PM to 6AM Central. Feel free to contact me here, I’ll be on all night either on my crusader or my wizard.

Thanks and take care~