N6 Thorns - Fun Push

Since this PTR is uninteresting to me, I decided to build N6 Thorns to see how high it will push.

With some tinkering, I was able to take down GR108 in one really good key. You can see my clear on the Non-Season PTR leaderboard. The build produced 38-50T thorns damage with Sanguinary Vambraces.

You can watch the video here:

With some serious fishing, I bet it could do GR115. That means N6 Thorns is stronger than many of our set/skill combos. :rofl:


Would this also work with S2N6?

No because you cannot cast Rain of Vengeance with a melee weapon in hand.

The next best build is this with LoN i believe.

Of course… I forgot about that :smile:

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Oops. I made a major blunder in the original clear/recording. I needed to use RoRG for CC3 and Aughild3. I corrected the cube slot, swapped the Natalya’s Ring to CoE, and cleared GR108 in 7:38. The build became very tanky as it should have been in the first place. I will try to do GR110 next.


Small update for anyone out there who cares. This build cleared GR113 and I missed GR114 by a few seconds.

This build needs about 23GRs to be competitive.

  1. Global thorns damage booster, a shoulder item that gives about 500% sheet thorns damage. (make the condition to slowed enemies).

  2. It needs a DH skill rune modified to work from thorns damage, one that can be spammed, stick it on the Entangling Shot:Bounty Hunter rune – make it 300% thorns damage. (kinda fits the bounty hunter thing)

We’ll swap out Aughild’s, which’ll reduce the peak Sanguinary Vambraces proc damage to 175-200T, we gain Wraps of Clarity for comfort, or, the ability to cube Hunter’s Wrath for AS, or, Heart of Iron, or some other item. Then spam Entangling Shot so that would do ~52T to hit single target.


  1. Sanguinary Vambraces doesn’t trigger enough, the proc chance should be raised to 30-40%.

  2. Hack thorns conversion damage should get raised to 400-500%, and it should apply to the first 3 targets hit.

Choosing Odyssey’s End vs Hack in the cube would be cool.

All classes should have a thorns build, it’s a shame this mechanic is limited to Necro and Crusader.

Of course the devs should probably buff Elemental Arrow, Chakram, Multishot, Cluster Arrow, Fan of Knives, Rain of Vengeance, Vault w/ Danetta’s, etc before considering any of this.


What about instead of entangling shot making the change with shuriken cloud which is the most useless skill since RoS. I know it ticks per second but it would still be fun to use.

If they did this, all damage would need to be multiplied by 2.5x. I like ES because you can focus it on the elite, while Sanguinary takes care of the trash.

Can you supply a maxroll for the build?