Myth is the runeword HelAmnNef but it doesn't work?

I put this in a 3 socket gothic armor ilvl 52
Why did this not work?
I am playing with PlugY single player

Rune words don’t work in magic items. If that’s not your problem then it’s something to do with the hacked version of the game you’re using.
P.s. I call mods hacks.


Weird, it was magic but only had slots and nothing else. I guess this is possible?
All plugy really does is makes everything ladder and gives you more stash.
It makes it a little easier to get ubers in hell as well, but that’s pretty much it.
It’s meant to stay next to the original as much as possible.
In fact a lot of the “quality of life” changes in the remastered version is basically what PlugY is.

Magic gear have 1 or 2 affixes. The 3 sockets are an preffix called “Artisan’s”.
I know what plugy is and does. I’ve never had any interest in anything it offers, nor do I need the game to improve the quality of my life. If anything I need the game made more difficult. The remaster will be even easier to play than the game is now.

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It is. Blue socketed items with nothing other than that can still receive benefits from sockets but not use them as the base for a runeword.