Mystic alterable properties of primordial not matching legendary item

I have a pair of ancient legendary mountains of justice, i have altered a skill based property to give me all resist, but, after HOURS OF PLAYING, i got a pair of primordial ones, finally, and they have crippling wave damage, but i CANNOT RE ROLL to all resist…why could i do that with the legendary, but not the primordial??? i have pictures of both, this is ridiculous! especially after all this time of playing looking for them.

Your primal must have a Resist single element in secondary affixes.
Resist single element (secondary) and Resist All (primary) are mutually exclusive.
Similarly, Life per Hit, Lift per second, Lift per Kill are mutually exclusive (don’t remember exactly which two of them).

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thanks for the explanation, but I’m heart broken lol.

Is it viable to have this in your build… Harmony

40% of your single elemental resistances from items instead increases your resistance to all elements.

If so, the lack of Resist All on an amour piece isn’t a deal-breaker, as a single 220 elemental resist secondary instead grants you 88 Resist All which isn’t that far from the 130 Resist All primary affix you missed out on and allows the third primary affix to be rolled into a +skill, +life% or +armour affix.

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agreed, based not the availability of what I can roll, im going to go for the armor increase. thanks again.