Mystic Allies missing hits

I have been trying to push with my monk and I notice that a lot of people, including myself and someone like Raxxanterax keep having their fire allies missing hits on elites…

In the most recent stream, Rax lost a push because his allies cannot kill two elites at 15% ish hp when they were no monsters around anymore…

Anyone else noticing this issue?

happens to me alot on the bigger hitbox size boss fights, their AI is whack for sure.

Sometimes my allies go straight up pillow fisted on me.

It’s just bad AI.

It’s bad pet AI, but you can solve the problem by using Cyclone Strike direct after you have pressed your Mystic Ally skill. That have helped me on Elites and RG, also when I pulled to many mobs. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Good Luck

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Yep i do this before and after i activate the ally’s.

There are a couple of bosses that are just really bad for Inna. Versalis(sp?) is a nightmare. When he teleport’s your allies lose target instantly.

Hey, I think this is happening to me A LOT. Today I got the feeling that I was pressing the “boom” button and nothing was happening at all, I don’t know if Blizz has changed anything, but for me to kill that poison boss that looks like an Alien (the one that creates little poison blobs that follow you around) it took me 6 fire allies explosion (on fire cycle from CoE and with Shenglong’s buff active).

On a side note: I am really struggling to go over GR 135. I feel that with my current gear and paragon (1335) I should be able to do it. Its my season monk, Sheeva.

Any hints?

Link to my page:

Thanks guys.

I also struggled around 130-135, mostly due to fire allies doing nothing in certain situations.
I was able to get to 140+ with lowish paragon level, by starting to do some maneuvers after activating the allies. Mostly moving a little (dash and / or normal move) and doing several cyclone strikes.

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How is your cooldown? If you have no CDR on gear you can’t do the rotation on CoE. Messerschmidt’s in cube isn’t reliable enough.
You also have some less than ideal rerolls on gear (gloves, weapons).