My First PC Game... Back to my roots!

Being in a place where the Internet was non-existent, We had places where you could go and take IT classes (as an extra subject, not affiliated with your current school, though) and the computers were somewhat better than the middle school I was at; funny, because I got into another assignment in my school instead of IT. The computer I started having classes on had a SNES emulator and this horned red-faced icon which said Diablo 2 and, after class, we were allowed to have some fun browsing the internet or using the computer for general exploration like using the “Programs”, installing, uninstalling, etc.
I openned this “Diablo 2” icon and realized it was a game. I selected a file that was already on end-game and decided to start from scratch.
I never loved going to school so much and now I can get to revive those moments!

Have fun, everyone!


Good luck and may the LOOT be with you :slight_smile:

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