My experimental DH build

I made a new hardcore demon hunter a few weeks ago and though I would share this build to get sort of feedback on where I should make improvements. I like to experiment with the builds but still lost on the math of it. Maybe this character will not get far, who knows. I don’t have very high paragon on my non-season so I thought I may as well do seasonal since I could start at a very low paragon and build as I go. I played the game in 2017 and got frustrated with not just the deaths. I swore off HC and SC was boring, so I quit. The machine I was playing on was not really the best for gaming. It was very low end, so I had a lot of video stutter and CTD a few times.

I bought a i9, 32 GB RAM, SSD and a RTX2060 a month ago so the game now runs without this lagging video and control keys issues so I thought I would come back to play it again.

I never get very far in HC for some reason. I attribute that to my aging and hand eye coordination. I never tried to build a defensive character before either so I thought I would give it a try to see if this character can get to better paragon level before getting killed.

It is not your typical speed build and not going to win you medals if you don’t have a means to PL. It is more for long term play. If someone has a high paragon it may be valid. I just don’t know.

Anyway, here is Hanna the demon hunter build I am working on. Feedback is appreciated. The sound may be messed up since I changed the speed in a few places. I’m almost 100% deaf so can’t tell what it sounds like. By the way being hearing impaired means I can’t use voice chat, so I mostly stay silent and play solo.

That was painful to watch.
I never seen anyone actually try to use Blackthorns in a build. Not sure why you don’t have elusive ring in the cube, if you are trying to make this max protection. Also not sure why you are not using wraps of clarity bracers for more protection.
As far as your dps, it must really suck since vengeance is probably down more than half your time. Switch out K’mar Tenclip for Dawn and that will drastically improve.
Anyway, not sure if you are even still playing, but thought I would toss in my two cents.