My D4 Necromancer

I just hope that no matter what it’s a new class, i.e. that the creativity really kicked in well and things are expected to be even more different down the line :slight_smile:

As for Curses & Summons, would prefer those things be a shared feature (in the form of scrolls or consumables of some sort) to enrich the experience with all classes (as opposed to being a thing for a specific class)

P.S., where did this crazy idea that they’d release 2 classes at once come from ? :thinking:, is there any relevant source of that… ?

If a new class is revealed I would hope that it would come along with more game play footage.

  • Along with a description of all of the skills, talents, and the special ability.
  • Also reveal the remaining skills for the other three, as well as the necroamcers special ability.

and if i wanted to play those 3 classes i’d just load up D2/
IF nothing is new, then why even buy it?
Example: D2 didn’t have a witch doctor or monk.

Well just because old classes return, doesn’t mean they’ll play the same as they did in the previous game. Diablo 2 and 3 versions of Necromancer serve as an example of this.

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I think exactly the opposite: better take (and evolve) systems, mechanics, itemization, etc, rather than telling the story or using the same roster.

in D3 Necromancer, he is wielding scythe and attack enemy with scythe. If you ask me, necromancer with scythe feel like a “DEATH” and badass than the necromancer with a small dagger.

so glad you mentioned this. the fact that D2 Necromancer was 100x better than D3 Necromancer says it all about REHASHING A CHARACTER. . . .

No. D3 necromancer would have no problem running through D2 Maggot Lair.

So have your badass necro fighter use a scythe, I dont see why that wouldnt also work with my ideas of a necro. If you search for the weapon Onzil, that I mentioned in my original post you see an example of what a novel necro weapon could look like.

As for new vs old classes, nobody truly expects the d4 classes to play the same as the older games do they? Apart from that the general archetypes will remain for the most part.

As a bonus Id like to promote the idea of using actual items as crafting resources instead of the usual unpersonal “crafting material”, so if you find it compelling, and havent already. Would you take a peek and maybe add to that conversation as well?

You don’t understand what i mean when i said “better”, at all…

Needs to have the Amazon, that’s what people wanted not the Demon Hunter.
Needs to have a Paladin, that’s what people wanted not the Crusader.

D4 has a chance to fix that issue at the beginning. Keep core characters core and add the others later in DLCs. The only reason Druid is in the core class of D4 is because they didn’t give us the class in D3.

Other classes can be added via DLCs (1 class) and mini (2 class) or full expansion packs 3 class). Yes, eventually, I would like to see the return of the Necromancer, Witch Doctor, Monk, Assassin, Demon Hunter, Crusader and some new additions like a Templar, Shaman, Psionicist, Cleric, etc.

So basically you’d like a Diablo:Quadrology (as opposed to D4 :P)

Looks to me like Blizz is keeping the classes super specialized to maximize the “flavour” aspect of them, as well as enhancing group play and replayability, adding loads of fluff classes will be in complete violation to that.
I bet you they plan on making money on cosmetics, bonus quests, pets and mounts more than on new classes.

If necro isn’t allowed to have like 30+ minions at all times killing stuff without you clicking anything (if you want to) but move button, I won’t even bother asking for the introduction of necro. D3 necro was a mistake.

This “we” thing needs to stop. You might have someones opinions but far from all.


I never asked, next.

I have seen some unofficial polls and it appears that many players want a Paladin and some type of earth based ranger type with a bow (like the NPC Hunter from the demo). The Druid already has 4 types of pets, so maybe the necro could be part of an expansion.


Cant tell if your being ironic or not ^^

Oh my, aren’t you guys touchy.
Hey Phoenix, I think youre reading a bit to much into that, though I should have seen this coming considering how split and this forum is. I’m sorry about that.
What I mean is we-the fans. Not we, a part of one sect of this forum or another. To some it might be a tiny bit provocative, just as the “why no assassin”-question @Avalon, but its all togue-in-cheek so dont loose sleep over it. I’d rather you engage on the actual meat of the topic, I’d be delighted actually. If you dare! :stuck_out_tongue:

I see both. MTX only goes so far. Also, only a core class of 5 only goes so far. See other games, including previous Diablos, that added a class or more via DLC or expansions.

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Need an Amazon and Paladin to fill out the remaining 2 spots. Plenty of time to add other classes through DLC and x-packs.

That’s not how creativity works

With every piece added you run out of space to use stuff

If you add Amazon/Paladin then things like

  • Abilities for javelin/spear
  • Abilities for bow/hunting
  • Abilities for self/ally buffing
  • Abilities for defense/balanced combat
  • Abilities for light/holy magic
  • Abilities for adding/enhancing weapons with elemental effects (poison, lightning, fire)

ALL OF THOSE THINGS disappear for further… If not completely then at least 75% from the “pool” of available things further on… So one HUGE NO to that…

In other/simpler words, the less “unused” stuff, the higher the creativity pool/potential

I really hope they don’t “succumb” under pressure and create things (again) for the sake of nostalgic reasons… Nostalgia is terrible, or at least top 3 terrible reasons to ask for a class tbh… At least on the long/er run, even though it may not be seen early on as such.

Want a clean/new/fresh approach of things that will feel different/new/better (though not always guaranteed, it’s still better approach), I mean I know it can be done, at least as long as that “creativity pool” (of unused things) remains relatively high